Thursday, September 6, 2012

I Optimus Prime You

Happy Fatherhood Friday!

                          He does look very loving...

Big Brother has never been one to shy away from hugs or affection.

But for some reason, lately, he's decided that he does not like to say "I love you."

He's fine with Mom-E and I saying that to him, but he declines to repeat it.  "I don't want to say it."

I guess now that we're in second grade, that "mushy stuff" is less attractive.

So I asked him if instead of saying "I love you", if he wanted to have a secret "code word" that he can say to mean "I love you."

He liked that idea, and of course being 7 years old, decided without hesitation that the code word should be "Optimus Prime".

So now most every night he tells me "Optimus Prime" before he goes to bed.

By extension, I'll assume if he starts telling me "Megatron" that he's not happy with me about something.

Have a good weekend,
Autobots roll out,

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  1. Good use of code words. Sometimes you have to do that.