Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What Name Do I Like?

Do we reveal Bab-E's name? Read on to find out!

Thanks to Gramm-E and Aunt-E for today’s guest post! Enjoy how Big Brother’s mind “operates”!



Mom-E and Dad-E were off to a nice bed and breakfast to celebrate their sixth anniversary, while Gramm-E and Pap-Pap had the pleasure of watching Big and Little Brothers for the evening.

Aunt-E and Uncl-E typically go to church with Gramm-E and Pap-Pap on Saturday evenings, so we sat in the pew with all three boys (Little Cousin included).

Uncl-E and Aunt-E looked over and saw Big Brother crying just a little, while Little Brother anxiously reached for little cousin saying, “Baby! Baby! Little Cousin!”

Apparently, Big Brother had been told of our trip to the pool following church and he was worried about getting water in his eye. He was equally worried about the possibility of Little Brother getting water in his eye, or worse yet…wandering into the deep end of the pool.

After much reassurance from Gramm-E, Big Brother could not be swayed, but as soon as the car pulled up to the pool, he wanted to know where his swimming trunks were. You would never know that he’d been worried about getting in the pool once we got there. He was so excited about playing in the water.

While we were playing in the pool, Aunt-E began asking Big Brother, “So are you going to have a baby sister or baby brother?” Without hesitation, he said, ”A baby sister!”

So, Aunt-E asked, “what will her name be?” Big Brother wasn’t sure. Aunt-E began asking him, “What about so-and-so?” To every name he would say, “I like so-and-so.” Gramm-E joined in with asking him about names and his reply was always the same.

Finally, Aunt-E asked, “What about Gertrude?” Big Brother said, “GERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRTRUDE? HAHAHAHAHAHA” He apparently thought this was the funniest name he had ever heard. He laughed uncontrollably, which of course got Gramm-E and Aunt-E started laughing along with him.

For the rest of the night every time we would ask about a name, he would say “GERRRRRRRRRTRUDE! HAHAHAHA” and laugh hysterically.

In fact, if we stopped asking him which names he liked, he would say,
“Ask me what name do I like?” After a while, the name Gertrude started to morph into some what of an unrecognizable name. It is kind of like when you say a word over and over and it starts to sound weird.

The next day, when Busy Dad-E heard Big Brother repeat the most hilarious name in the world, he thought it sounded like “SURGERY.”

Then it really did start sounding more and more like “SURGERY.” Who knew Big Brother could be so entertained with the “What name do I like?” game.

Here's an audio recording for you to enjoy.

See you on Fatherhood Friday,
Gramm-E and Aunt¬-E


  1. I love the audio clip! Gramm-E and Aunt-E don't write posts that are as funny as Busy-Dad-E's, but thank you for the opportunity to make a guest post! It was fun! Love, Aunt-E

  2. @Aunt-E: I loved your post! I thought it was quite funny! You guys did a great job! Much appreciated!

  3. That was fun. Thanks Busy-Dad-E. I like the audio clip too!

  4. Thanks for a great post Gramm-E and Aunt-E! I'm glad you explained the name "Surgery" to us. The video clip was awesome! Who knew Gertrude could sound like surgery?

  5. LOL! Thats funny. It will make for a fun story to retell in the future. Rosi

  6. Ha, that explains so much more now! I think deciding between Surgery and Gertrude is a toss up...

  7. It is definitely a toss up JonnyTam13. I can't think of 2 more horrible names. (although I don't like my own name either)