Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom-E

Dear Mom-E,

I'd say we had a nice weekend celebrating your birthday.

I'll sneak it that we had the added celebration of an official job offer for me on Friday.

We had a late (for us) dinner at O'Charley's, and the boys humbled us with their usual antics, including:
-Little Brother playing with every sugar packet at the table (and tearing a few open). Within about 5 minutes, our table looked like a cocaine deal gone all wrong.
-Big Brother drinking pink lemonade, which apparently is the most potent diuretic known to man.
-Both boys bouncing on their seats like Tigger and trying to jump over the wall of the booth.

On Saturday, we were getting ready to have a nice dinner at home with your family. Big Brother and Little Brother put on a pre-meal naked parade, complete with towels wrapped arounds their heads (wouldn't want their hair to dry too fast). Little Brother put on a grand finale by throwing his towel down and peeing all over the floor. (Apparently the diuretic in his pink lemonade from O'Charley's was a little less potent.)

Following the nice dinner with your family, Little Brother put on a post-meal naked parade, although without towels (he substituted a somersault using the entertainment center as a platform for his fee). This time the grand finale consisted of Little Brother riding the cushion on the oversized chair like a bucking bronco.

(Okay to clarify the whole nakedness thing by Little Brother--which is far from typical--this was influenced by several things:
1. He finally got excited about his Halloween costume (more details on Wednesday), and originally stripped because he wanted to put it on.
2. He had a diaper malfunction after dinner, and apparently the only way to fix it was to take everything off (again).
3. He had an audience of 4 adults (Dad-E, Mom-E, Gramm-E, and Grampap-E) who failed miserably at attempts to choke back the laughter when he did a somersault naked. When this was coupled with fatigue, the combined excitement inspired him to put on a "show." )

On Sunday, we attempted to keep pace with the remainder of the weekend.
-Big Brother put on an absolute scream-fest in protest of going to church. He came within about 10 seconds of being put into the car wearing only underwear and socks.
-In church, Little Brother ate exactly half a waffle, and proceeded to play with the other half (which he referred to as a boat) for the remainder of the service.
-We got a wireless internet router, which has enabled me to blog from the laptop and
you to download addictive new games for your iPod touch.

In all seriousness, I sincerely hope you enjoyed turning 25 again this year. (Don't worry, in just a few months we won't be the same age anymore. You'll make it...somehow.)

On your birthday, we celebrate your many wonderful roles: wife, Mom-E, sister, daughter, employee, and, last but not least, (highly attractive) pregnant lady.

And as always, I wish you happiness (mixed with the occasional lemon that makes you appreciate the happy moments even more), and I give you all of my love.

Have a good week,

P.S. Mom-E, any idea where the "parade around and dance on couch cusions naked when disinhibited" gene came from, because I daresay that it did NOT come from either of us? Hopefully just a random point mutation that won't get passed on to Bab-E.

P.P.S. Are we really going to have 3 boys soon? Can we make donations to the sleep bank now? Or at least hypnotize ourselves into thinking that things are "very easy" right now with only 2?


  1. Happy Birthday Mom-E! As for the nakedness in your house, at least it was not in public. Kaitlyn decided the other day to "moon" a few people at Kohls. It came out of nowhere and I still don't even know where she learned this. I was shocked and so embarrassed! Please tell me this phase will pass. Congratulations on the new job! Rosi

  2. The naked parade is something that I had to learn to prevent during the evening activities. I bathe all three kids when the wife is at work. I have to have all the clothes already out with the baby clothes right next to the bathroom so I can change her while keeping the other 2 in the bathtub.

    Because if I get the boy out, he'll be spelling his name in cursive on our already stained carpet.

  3. Kids just love nakedness...very funny story! Happy Birthday, Mom-E! Love, aunt-e

  4. Happy Birthday Momm-E! How nice of your boys to hold a special parade to mark the day!

  5. We enjoyed the day immensely. The finale performed by Little Brother was a little out there (although not really when you consider he is almost 2), but funny nevertheless. Glad Mom-E had a good birthday and we were able to celebrate your very successful interview process. (minus the barking spider)