Friday, October 2, 2009

School Daze

Happy Fatherhood Friday everyone!

School is in session, and so is Your homework assignment this week is to check out all of the great bloggers over there. And there WILL be a pop quiz afterwards.

So, around here at Busy-Dad-E we’re “settling in” to the new school routine with Big Brother starting preschool this year.

And by “settling in”, I’m referring to the definition by folks under age 5, which means that sometimes we’re excited about school, and other days we scream bloody murder until we pass out not so much.

This week we had one of those “other days.”

Little Brother fell victim to the weather. Not sick. Rather, the cooler temps have brought long pants out of the depths of his closet.

Having grown extremely fond of his shorts, Little Brother threw an absolute fit about having to wear pants.

“No! Too BIG!” he exclaimed.

(I just love the concreteness of toddler logic. Big. Long. Whatever.)

Picture Mom-E running about the house, pregnant and flying solo (I was at work early that day), with a toddler insisting to cruise around in a diaper.

Frustrated with Little Brother, Mom-E turned her attention to waking up Big Brother.

Fortunately, Big Brother woke up extremely pleasant and content (which isn’t altogether uncommon for him).

Unfortunately, pleasant and content hung around for only about 5 minutes.
Then Mr. Hyde Big Brother also “expressed” his displeasure about wearing pants, and by “expressed” I mean screamed bloody murder.

(I’m telling you, young siblings must have telekinesis about this kind of thing. They just know to be upset about the same thing at the same time. Please note that I’m only speculating here, as I was an only child.)

Too busy to spit, Mom-E still had to put a letter in the mailbox and wheel out the trash (long story as to why, but please just know that while the image of pregnant Mom-E carrying a toddler in a diaper while wheeling the dumpster down the driveway was undoubtedly an interesting view for anyone driving by, if it could’ve at all been helped, I would’ve taken care of it myself).

Next thing you know, Big Brother has joined them in the driveway, sporting only his jammies, barefoot and in the cold. He promptly decides to start drawing a Diego rescue backpack on the driveway with sidewalk chalk.

“Hi neighbors. There’s a variety show at Busy-Dad-E’s house this morning. Come check us out.”

And they did. Of course, the new neighbors decided to call child protective services on us go for a morning walk while everyone was on display.

Fast forward to about 15 minutes before school starts.

Poor Mom-E, exhausted before her work day officially starts, is still trying to lasso Little Brother into his carseat while Big Brother is now frolicking around the garage sans pants.

Afraid of being “exposed” in front of his peers, Big Brother reluctantly agrees to cover up his Transformers underoos.

Did I forget to mention that it just happened to be Picture Day at school, Big Brother was about 3 months overdue for a haircut, and his teachers decided to fasten ALL of the buttons on his shirt.

This has all the makings of an appearance on

I’ll let you know how it turns out.

It’s okay though. I mean, soon will have 3 boys, which will make having 2 boys seem that much “easier”.

And by “easier”, I mean completely exhausting.

Have a good weekend. Rest up to put those pants back on Monday,


  1. This was great b/c I have the pleasure of picture your driveway while Mom-E does all this stuff. You left out the fact that your driveway is nowhere near flat. ANd its not like Mom-e was pushing the trash down, it was UPHILL b/c your driveway is "special"! I hope you have a fantastick weekend! Love, AUnt-E

  2. Busy? understatement...:-) Thanks for sharing...someday, it feels so good to only have one...but, being she is a girl, our "issues" will be there as well...stay tuned LOL

  3. i have a stepson who used to wear shorts around 365 days a yr no matter the weather...he's been doing that from even before i met his dad. he has finally transitioned into jeans and maybe some other types of pants. did i mention he's almost 15? lol it was funny how he didn't think he was going to need this big arse coat we got him for the 8th grade trip to d.c.