Thursday, October 15, 2009


Holy Fatherhood Friday, Batman!

Check out! The people over there sure put the POW! BAM! SHAZAM! in blogging.

When we last left our caped crusader, our hero was thoroughly enjoying his get-up, but the Joker had captured his understudy's (Little Brother's) enthusiasm for his Halloween costume.

I'm happy to report that the enthusiasm has been rescued.

All it took was explaining to him that, "when you wear your costume for Halloween, you're going to get candy."

Nevermind the fact that he took this to mean that we would give him candy RIGHT THEN AND THERE if he put the costume on. (We didn't have any candy, but we did have some magic cookies.)

And so, here's Batman and "Batman, Too" sporting their Halloween regalia.

All of a sudden, Little Brother is now even more enthusaistic than Big Brother about wearing his costume.

"I want my costume. I want my costume," he exclaims.

The only (funny) caveat, is that Little Brother decided that he didn't like the Bat mask.

And so, now he INSISTS on wearing his Lightning McQueen hat and sunglasses with his Batman BatMcQueen costume.

Here's another shot of our caped (and hatted & sunglassed) crusaders. Note the need for liquid refreshment after a day of running amok in the house crime fighting, as well as the need to drape your cape over your little brother's head.

Have a good weekend. If you see Robin or BatGirl, send them our way.


  1. That is some good stuff there.. :)

  2. Awwwww! Great photos! I'm glad Little Brother has caught the Halloween spirit. I've never heard of BatMcQueen, but I bet Little Brother is as unique as his costume. Kudos to Dad-E and Mom-E for having those magic cookies on hand. A caped crusader needs his nourishment.

  3. LOL! Love the outfits! I have two princesses that would love to play...unfortunately we are no where near you. Miss you guys! Rosi

  4. The batman outfit with shades and a cap is one of the funniest pictues ever. I love it. They are both cute.

  5. I love a kid who can get creative with a Halloween costume! :)

  6. Too funny! I'm surprised they weren't fighting over who would be Batman. My kids would be all over that. Fortunately, one's a boy and one's a girl so we don't have the problem of thenm wearing the same character. This year we have one Clone Trooper and one Princess Riding a Pony.

    Now off to find your Legoland post. Would have helped if you left a link! ;)

  7. Those pictures are SO cute! They look so adorable!!! Love Aunt-E