Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bab-E Hickies

Okay, so it would defy the laws of physics for me to be completely wordless. I'm over it, hope you can do the same. :)

Those of you with baby-related experience know that:

1. Babies have a compulsive need to suck.

2. When babies are hungry, they're going to let you know about it, and they don't understand, "I'm going to feed you in just one minute when my hands are free after I finish going to the bathroom when I wake-up enough to realize you're screaming etc., etc., etc., (literally)."

3. When babies are hungry and not fed instantly, they'll suck on whatever is in front of them.

Countless times I've figured out that Bab-E Brother (or Big or Little Brother when they were babies) is hungry because I'm holding him and suddenly I notice my shirt getting very moist, only to look down and see him sucking away on my sleeve.

The other day, Bab-E Brother was hungry, and Mom-E was putting a couple of items away while holding him before sitting down to feed him.

Apparently, those few moments took too long because he started sucking on her shoulder.

Only problem was that she was wearing a sleeveless top, and he went to town for just a minute.

Later that evening, we were outside on the porch with the boys, I couldn't help that Mom-E had a very conspicuous little hickie on her shoulder.

We both instantly realized what had happened, and had a nice laugh about her 3 month-old "boyfriend." I hope her employer doesn't find out.

Here's a picture of the little hickie-giver vampire guy's sucki-work "handiwork".

See you on Fatherhood Friday,


  1. LOL! Now, that will definitely be a cute story to tell him later on. Rosi

  2. That is adorable! Many times I have been surprised that I didn't have a hicky after little cousin went to town on my arm! Love, aunt-e

  3. That always creeped out Mr. Weasel if he was shirtless and taking care of a 2 am feeding.

  4. @Rosi: Yeah, we'll chastise him a bit with that.

    @Aunt-E: Lucky you.

    @Gramm-E: It is cute.

    @WM: I guess that's why they call it a reflex.