Monday, April 5, 2010

Post-Easter Sugar Rush Crash

I hope everyone had a happy Easter weekend.

We had a good day yesterday, albeit chaotic in usual Busy-Dad-E family style.

Here are just some of the highlights:

-Big Brother came into our room FULLY AWAKE and raring to go at 5am because he wanted to see if the Easter Bunny came. He told me that he had "too much sleep" and needed me to turn of the alarm.

I can honestly say never a day in my life have I uttered the phrase "too much sleep" in the 5am hour.

I think we endured about an hour of his whining--mostly by mumbling incoherently at him--before he finally fell back asleep.

-We tried to get ready to go to church at 8am, but that didn't happen because we overslept after our "5am wake-up call". (Read this if you don't know what it's like to get ready for church around our house.)

-The boys dined on an Easter Bunny breakfast special of chocolate and chocolate milk. Mmm...mmm...mmm...nutritious. Please pass the Cocoa Pebbles.

-Any parent who can get a child to wear a sweater vest--without screaming or the use of duct tape--is a better person than I.

-Thank you to the nice lady at church who gave up the "saved seats" for her family so that we could sit down. We were 10 minutes early and they were at least 10 minutes late, so it only seems fair to parents of 3 small boys.

-In the middle of church, Mom-E had to go feed Bab-E Brother. When Little Brother realized they'd left, he asked "Where's Mom-E?"

When I told him that "Bab-E Brother is fussy and needed to eat.", Little Brother replied--very CALMLY:

"I'm getting fussy, too. I want to go outside. I'm hungie. I want to go to Subway!" (of course, right at a point where essentially everyone else is quiet.)

It never ceases to amaze me that taking the boys to Subway is like going on vacation to Tahiti.

-When we got back to the van after church, Little Brother refused to wear a shirt, and insisted on riding to Gramm-E and Grampap's "topless".

I'm thoroughly relieved we didn't get pulled over on the way there, lest the officer find a screaming baby, a shirtless toddler, and a 5 year-old "Captain Clip-On" in the van. What a sight.

-Little Brother followed Mom-E around while she was trying to hide eggs for the hunt. He kept picking them up as she laid them down, saying "Here, Mom-E. I found one."

-Big Brother and Little Brother each got kites from the Easter Bunny. I'm not ashamed to admit that Grampap and I played with the kites A LOT more than the boys did.

-If you want to find out how resourceful your children are, show them a bowl of chocolate M&M's, and then put it in a place that is out of reach--yet still visible.

-Easter Egg dying kits should forgo the little metal "wand" for fishing out the egg, and instead include 2 pairs of gloves to prevent children's hands from looking like the Incredible Hulk.

-In addition to the time spent with family, my highlight was that everyone in the family got at least a short nap, a real rarity. Me on the couch while the boys watched a cartoon after dinner, and the rest of the gang on the van ride home. (Don't worry, didn't pull a Clark Griswold and fall asleep at the wheel.)

Have a good week,


  1. Happy Easter! I love the church story with little brother and his "fussiness"! That was great! Is everyone still on a sugar high today? I love kites and that is great that the Easter bunny was so thoughtful! I agree about the dye for the eggs...those little metal things are tricky!! Love, aunt-e

  2. Happy Easter! Loved the bit about the little wand for dying eggs. Could not agree with you more, that wand is useless. Madaghan's hands were green!! I really did laugh out loud when you wrote about the kid's hands looking like the incedible Hulk.

  3. Happy Easter! It sounds like you had a wonderful one! You had me chuckling a few times while reading your post. I remember those days . . . I wish the Easter Bunny would have given me a kite. It's been so long. I hope you had fun!

  4. Too much sleep at 5 AM...wish I felt so rested at that hour! We enjoyed the day and glad you did not fall asleep at the wheel on the way home.

  5. What's 5am?

    CY Aunt-E

  6. @Aunt-E: We're recovering from the sugar rush.

    @O'Shea: Only took 2 baths to return the hands to their normal color

    @Surprised Mom: We sure did.

    @Gramm-E: Maybe I'd feel that way if I went to bed at 8:30.

    @CY Aunt-E: Early o'clock

  7. My foster son had, at least that he remembers, never dyed eggs before (let's not go there). He didn't know the meaning of Lent or Easter. So ... we dyed eggs on Saturday as is our family tradition. Topher resisted (It's stupid), but then had a great time. And then, dressed in white, with green, purple, and red hands, he was baptized in front of an Easter sized congregation the next morning.

    So: I'm TOTALLY with you on the gloves. BUT ... with as many kids as I have, I guarantee they wouldn't come with enough, and it'd start fights.

    You can't win. :-)