Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Magician Shows But Doesn't Tell

Happy Fatherhood Friday everyone! Thanks to for sponsoring this magical weekly event.

So Big Brother had "Show and Tell" at school this week, which meant that Mom-E and Dad-E he had to figure out something to bring in.

What does a 5 year-old bring in for show and tell?

Our first 3 ideas were toys, toys,

"Do they really want him to bring toys to school?"

Other ideas were similarly unfruitful.

1. "This is Little Brother's toy. I took it from him. He cried. I had to go to time out."

2. "This is a picture of my brother's ouch-ie from when I pinched him. He cried then, too. I had to go to time out again."

3. "This is my tv. I must watch an episode of 'Wow Wow Wubbzy' every morning or I'm irritable. Mom-E says it's very necessary--like morning coffee."

Finally, I came up with a magical idea--he could do a MAGIC TRICK!

Big Brother LOVES to do magic. It's really cute to watch his excitement regardless of whether the tricks "work".

His Pa-pa bought him a magic set, complete with an instructional DVD, for his last birthday. It's been a great introduction to basic magic tricks, and gives him an opportunity to perform for others. He's very proud of himself.

So, Big Brother brought in his "magic box", and made a Lightning McQueen disappear and then reappear in the magic drawer.

He practiced several times the night before and morning of, including his "magic words": bippity boppity boo.

Apparently his magic trick went over quite well.

I asked him, "What did your class say when you made Lightning disappear?"

"They said, uh, how did you do that?" he replied.

I was proud that he answered them with "Magic."

And even when they pressed him about it, he said, "I can't tell you. It's magic."

So I guess technically he just participated in "Show" as opposed to "Show and Tell", but I think he was appropriately excused from the "Tell" part.

And now it's my turn for some magic. For my only final trick, I will make my blog disappear and take you to the land of other great dad (and mom) bloggers.

If you would be my assistant, please click here.

Have a magical weekend,


  1. Well Done Big Brother, a magician never tells how the trick works

  2. Wow, Big Brother is quite the entertainer! I am so impressed and would like to see a trick next time we're together!! Good job, little guy!
    Love, aunt-e

  3. I guess it should be called Show and Tell unless you do a Magic Trick. He may have a future as a magician since he alreayd knows the most important rule.

  4. Go Big Brother! I'm sure your magic show was a big hit!

  5. @Portland Dad: That's right. Big Brother has that part down.

    @Aunt-E: I'm sure he'd love to do some magic for you guys.

    @Otter: He's a little ham.

    @Gramm-E: He'd like to do a show for you and Grampap-E, too.

    @WM: It's really fun and sweet to watch him perform. I love how childre n are fearless when it comes to performing like that.

  6. I'm sure his classmates enjoyed the "Show" even if he didn't "Tell." I would have loved to see him perform his magic act. I'm sure it's fun to watch.