Friday, May 7, 2010

The Contest That Almost Was

Happy Fatherhood Friday everyone! Thanks to for hosting this weekly event.

So a couple of months ago, I wrote a funny post about my boys drinking Tum-E Yummies, and in jest I mentioned that it was written in the stars that Tum-E Yummies would be a perfect sponsor for my blog.

(Yeah right, I thought.)

Well about a month ago, I received an email from a marketing intern at Tum-E Yummies saying they were interested in the possibility of pursuing a creative partnership with my blog.

Wow! Too funn-E!

Yay! Free Tum-E Yummies for my boys! Free Tum-E Yummies for my boys! Free Tum-E Yummies for my boys!

We discussed ideas for a promotional-type contest, and the conversation was positive.

However, things got delayed a little bit because they were away for a week at a national business meeting.

Pause for a moment, as I did, to think about what must go on at a national Tum-E Yummies meeting? Do they all sit around and ideate while drinking Tum-E Yummies? Would it be a sacrilege to serve any drinks at the meeting BESIDES Tum-E Yummies--not even coffee or tea?

About another week passed, and I received a follow-up email that they were still interested in the idea but were checking on some details.

Is this codespeak for "we're still 'hung-over' from all of the Tum-E Yummies we drank at the national meeting"?

And then nothing for another 2 weeks, until this week, when I received an email that their attorney said that FTC rules would prohibit such a partnership.

Still, kind of interesting that what started out as a humorous little post made it all the way up to the attorney for Tum-E Yummies.

I can just imagine a bunch of people sitting around a boardroom talking about my blog. Hopefully they read some of my trials and tribulations as coach of Big Brother's soccer team, which Weaselmomma some readers have particularly enjoyed. Hmm...perhaps my kids would've played better soccer if we brought Tum-E Yummies to all practices/games.

So, anyway, I know I promised everyone a contest, but I'm back to square one as far as that goes.

Fortunately, I didn't tell the boys about the potential for such a contest/prize, otherwise they would've cried their Tum-E Yummies out.

And I conclude now with a brief disclaimer in legal-ese:
Busy-Dad-E: Fatherhood Uncensored blog does NOT have any formal partnership with the fine folks at Tum-E Yummies. They do NOT pay me to talk about them/their products (neither in money nor bottles of Tum-E Yummies), nor did they spike my Tum-E Yummies in any way to make me talk about them. I'm just a dad with boys who like Tum-E Yummies, and I've written a couple of (hopfeully) funny posts related to their products. That's as far as it goes.

Have a good weekend, while I go drown my sorrows in a six-pack of Tum-E Yummies,


  1. I have absolutely no idea what Tum-E-Yummies are?

    I suppose I'd better read your earlier post and find out! It does not look like that will be a chore :-)

  2. Bummer dude. Either their lawyer is on crack or they had some crazy plans in mind for a partnership. FTC just says that full disclosure of any arrangements have to be made. i.e. I got paid or I didn't, I got free stuff or I didn't.
    I'd love to know what craziness they came up with that was against the regulations.

  3. After trying to out run Thing 1's soccer team Wednesday, I'm hoping Ace bandages and IcyHot are discussing my blog.

    And WeaselMomma, as always, is right on the FTC stuff. I think she's a narc.

  4. I think Tum-E Yummies should have consulted with their lawyer before getting your hopes up. Oh well...Tum-E Yummies are not good for you anyway so drown your sorrows in something else. Maybe some crystal light.

  5. Funny little post on a funny little blog than BAM! lawyers get involved and ya got nuttin. :-)

  6. I had a comment ready for this but after consulting with my lawyers FTC regulations forbid me from writing it. Sorry Dude

  7. @Glen: I'm glad you figured it out.

    @WM: Oh well.

    @Always Home & Uncool: Good luck with Ace & Icyhot

    @GrammE: Ask Mom-E about how Tum-E Yummies saved her on the trip home the other day.

    @O'Shea: I'll refrain from making jokes.

    @Portland Dad: LMAO!

  8. So funny! I'm sorry this "creative partnership" didn't work out! Legal stuff is so crazy. Seems like none of the good stuff ever gets past legal! love, aunt-e