Friday, May 14, 2010

Pass the Pee-Ball

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It’s May and that can only mean one thing over here at Busy-Dad-E: it’s T-BALL season!

It doesn’t get better than a hoard of wild, screaming 4 and 5 year-olds running aimlessly over the field while wielding metal bats! I love it!

(Seriously, it’s great fun, good exercise, and teaches about commitment, teamwork, and sportsmanship—and that just what it takes to GET to t-ball practice.)

For those of you who were entertained with the antics of last year’s soccer and baseball seasons, no doubt there will be more of the same this year.

Big Brother was genuinely excited about playing baseball again this year. In particular, he had fun trying out his new cleats by running about 100 yards down the aisle of the sporting goods store. While he was running, Little Brother pretty much started to strip because he wanted to try on Big Brother’s new shorts. (I’m guessing there’s a “no nudity” policy at the store.)

You may remember that last season at the first practice (about 45 minutes) he “outscored” his entire team BY HIMSELF…in terms of TRIPS TO THE POTTY.

Box Score:
Big Brother 3
Rest of Team 0

This year, I picked up the boys after work, and drove all 3 to the practice field. As we drove, the boys munched on their “snacks” (aka dinner).

Amazingly, we arrived about 20 minutes early. However, 20 minutes early in our world just means we had enough time to go to the potty—TWICE—before practice started.

If you’re having a bad week, just picture all 3 boys and I crammed into a Port-O-Potty. Bab-E Brother was strapped to my chest, facing forward, in the Baby Bjorn. Big Brother and Little Brother were standing on opposite sides of the potty, their feet at the level of the seat. I’m bracing them as they each leaned in for relief. Amazingly, all persons, clothing, and personal items—including binkies and burp towels—made it out dry (mostly), and no one “crossed the streams.”

Having depleted themselves of the “chocolate juice” they consumed on the ride to practice, the boys were ready to play.

Big Brother took to the field without hesitation, did a good job following instructions, and was having a good—and potty break-free—time.

Dad-E Little Brother was rescued by the arrival of Mom-E, who joined us at the start of practice, equipped with Little Brother’s fat bat and wiffle ball, which assuaged his jealously over not being able to play with the bigger boys. Thank you, Smart Lad-E!

However, if urinary frequency at the t-ball field is an “infectious disease”, then Big Brother must’ve developed some immunity, but not before transmitting the responsible pathogen to Little Brother.

In short, the “Pee-Ball” Torch has been passed.

It doesn’t help that, being relatively recently potty trained, Little Brother has to go pee-pee the moment that first drop of urine hits the wall of his completely empty bladder, and sometimes even before that moment.

As the official score-keeper, it appears that Little Brother 1-upped Big Brother by going potty 4 (FOUR) times during the 45 minute practice (but 1 of those times we trekked to the potty, only for him to say “I don’t have to go potty!” the moment we get there, so does that really count?)

Despite that, everyone, Bab-E Brother included, had a good time, and we’re looking forward to revisiting the Port-O-Potty the next practice tonight!

Have a good weekend,
Play ball and stay dry,


  1. It must be a relatively clean port-o-potty or they wouldn't want to visit so often. So, that's a plus!

  2. I'm impressed you even have port-a-potties. :)

    I remember playing t-ball (and even softball later on) and having to pee in the bushes.

  3. Last week, my son had to go pee at a park. The bathroom was particularly nasty. I went in to check for perverts, and finding none, promptly left and left him to pee alone. The alone pee, i gotta say, is a nice little development.

  4. The thought of 4 of you all crammed into a portapotty will haunt me forever.

  5. Ha! "Crossed the Streams" - Classic.

  6. paul Schwartz: ugh isn't it sad that they have to be checked for? I am worried about the day that my son is old enough to not go to the women's room with me, but young enough that I don't want him going by himself due to the perverts!!!!
    Seriously, busy-dad-e, this left a funny picture in my head. Thanks for the laugh! I'm seeing these types of moments in my near future! can't wait to hear more T-ball adventures!
    love, aunt-e

  7. Hilarious post man. Thanks for the laughs :)

  8. I can't wait or that awesomeness to start for me and my boys. Crossing streams is already a family tradition

  9. It sounds like a good time was had by all! BTW, you crack me up with "In short, the 'Pee-Ball' torch has been passed." And the image of all four of you crammed into the port-a-potty? Priceless!