Sunday, May 23, 2010

Halloween In May

Hey, if they can have Christmas in July, then why not Halloween in May.

This all got started when the boys discovered their Batman costumes from last year in the closet.

Next thing you know, both Big Brother and Little Brother are parading around the house in full Bat-regalia.

This was followed by a 45 minute Q&A about their Halloween candy buckets.

Oh, and by Q&A, I mean Little Brother asking "Do you know where our bucketes are?" over-and-over again, until he's used up all available oxygen in the room, to any living creature that will listen.

What makes this even funnier is that he calls candy, "kee-on-dee".

It gets really interesting to have him say "I have candy in my pants", which comes out "I have kee-on-dee in my pee-onts."

So, while we're preparing to enjoy the next 5 months of being asked multiple times daily "Is it Halloween yet?", apparently the boys have rearranged our family tree a bit in preparation for costumes for next Halloween. Here are everybody's new assignments:

Big Brother - Batman

Little Brother - Robin

Bab-E Brother - Commissioner

Mom-E - Batgirl

Dad-E - Alfred

Never mind under this new arrangement, Bab-E Brother is now Mom-E's Dad-E. Sorry, Grampap-E.

Have a good week, don't do any laundry with kee-on-dee in your pee-onts,


  1. LOL! I think its Halloween in my house every day. The girls love dressing up. Funny you wrote about this because just yesterday I went into the pantry and pulled down the Halloween candy and Easter candy and the amount is enough to open a store. I did not realize that I still had on a top shelf Easter chocolate from last year. LOL! Rosi

  2. They crack me up! They're just like like Mom-E...they love Halloween no matter what time of year it is. Love, aunt-e

  3. :-) we had spiderman running round the house this weekend, which was fine until his spidey strength knocked over his mum's best vase - ho hum

  4. The cat found the old Sponge Bob costume The Oldest put in her closet which fell on the floor. He decided it made a perfect bed and a perfect hiding place from the dog. It's amazing how much fun costumes are, no matter what time of year it is. Your family tree is very interesting. :)