Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I've Gotta Go Pee-Pee

Even at night, when everyone else is asleep, and my eyes are closed, I still hear these words running through my head.

As some of you know, with a little help from peeing on waffles and cheerios, and Mom-E and Dad-E's un-pattened blockbuster potty training weekend strategy, Little Brother is out of diapers!

Sure, he still has some occasional accidents, particularly when he's playing hard outside and not paying attention, or if we're "out n' about" for extended time periods.

Still, for 2 1/2, he's doing fantastic! (I mean, I'm 30-something and I'd be scared to pee in some public bathrooms, so I can understand how this would create problems/fear for him.)

A couple of things have been particularly funny about Little Brother's potty training.

1. He often requests for privacy, using that word. It's amazing to me that he has a decent understanding of its meaning. "Dad-E, leave me alone. I need privacy." Of course, privacy means NOTHING to him if YOU are the one in the bathroom.

2. At times, Little Brother refuses to sit on a potty seat, and instead insists on standing. The only problem is that his equipment is just a little shorter than the height of the potty. So, he's developed this unique strategy of standing on tiptoes, and resting things on the rim of the potty until things flow.

It looks quite uncomfortable, and sometimes I'm not sure how the pee comes out despite the "kink in the garden hose." Of course, it's still a BIG TIME spray hazard.

3. He seems to be able to sense when his bladder has filled with ONE SINGLE drop of urine, because we no sooner go potty, get back in the car, and start driving away that he exclaims, "I've gotta go pee-pee" (as he kicks off his shoes and socks).

And being a fickle 2 year-old, you no sooner take him back to the potty that he declares, "I don't have to go potty." Uugghh!

(I'm not fickle. Well, maybe I am. Well, no...)

This usually goes on about 10 times within the span of a mile.

4. He can't/doesn't say "pants". He calls them "pee-onts". You know it's not good when he's strapped in his car seat and you hear him call out. "I go pee-pee already. I need new pee-onts."

When Mom-E and I hear that phrase, it's hard not to go into a ree-ont about all of the extra laundry (including the carseat cover), that we don't wee-ont to do, but I guess there are worse things than wet pee-onts.

See you on Fatherhood Friday,


  1. LOL! I am still trying to get the courage to take Cara out without a diaper...she does fairly well at home. Just think as soon as he fully masters this skill it will be baby-E's turn...LOL! Rosi

  2. This reminds me of just how grateful I am to be all finished with potty training.

  3. I am looking forward to the day of potty training....soon I will have three in diapers all at the same time. Can everyone say a prayer for me???haha Love, aunt-e

  4. I am also very grateful not to be potty training anyone these days :)