Sunday, September 19, 2010

Catch The Wave

If your first thought with this title was

Then you must be about as old as I am (or older).

No, today we celebrate a major milestone for Bab-E Brother.

Last Friday, I came home to find Mom-E and the boys hanging out in our room.

Bab-E Brother was sitting on the bed.

When I came in to the room, I said "Hi, guys!"

Without hesitation, Bab-E Brother flung both arms up in the air, smiled from ear-to-ear, and started jiggling such that I was glad Mom-E was right behind him, in case he fell over backwards.

But the best part was that he blurted out a great big "HA!"

Besides my heart-melting from his response, Mom-E and I were overcome with excitement with his vocalization, which was closer to a "Hi" than when Ross and Rachel's baby on Friends said her first word, "gleeb."

And over the weekend, it appears that his attempts to say "hello" are intentional.

He's definitely started waving at family. Sometimes. When he feels like it.

But, of course, Mom-E and I can't stop eenthusiastically waving at him.

"Wave" to go, buddy!

Have a good week, :-h


  1. Its amazing how it could be the first or the fifth child....we just love when they meet those special milestones and can't get overjoyed over the occasion. Congrats, Baby-E Brother! Rosi

  2. That is very exciting! Such a joyous moment! love, aunt-e

  3. Those milestones are so exciting. I almost miss them in our own house. Almost.

  4. It was so good to hear that story. I loved seeing Bab-E Brother wave and be so interactive this weekend. It's great that he can sit on the floor and play with Gramm-E's good ol box of treasure toys with the other boys as well.