Thursday, September 23, 2010

ChiLd UnawarEness LESSons

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Mom-E and I are (members of) CLUELESS.

I wish I could say we're the founding members, but we're not. Although I did just make up the acronym.

CLUELESS stands for ChiLD UnawarEness LESSons.

Essentially, I'm talking about the work parents do after their kids go to bed.

As much as my children pay attention to detail, I'm amazed that they've never asked questions such as, "How do my clothes magically get clean, folded, and/or hung in the closet?"

It's something (I imagine) all parents have done--put laundry away in their kids' rooms while they're asleep.

But Mom-E and I took CLUELESS to a new level this past week.

You see, Little Brother is going to have a Wubbzy-themed 3rd birthday party.

And Mom-E is making him a Wubbzy costume (because he LOVES to go around in costume--Batman, Robin, Wolverine, Dale Jr--and will do so for hours at a time)

But she's had to do some of the sizing "on the fly."

This meant sneaking into Little Brother's room well past midnight. I sat him up in bed and held him upright, while Mom-E put the costume over his head.

And we had to do this twice.

We couldn't help but have a good laugh over the matter.

I mean, we have no doubt that Little Brother will go totally ape over the costume. Probably won't take it off until 2011. At the earliest.

Which makes it so funny (at least to us) that we actually tried it on him while he was asleep, and he's absolutely CLUELESS that it ever happened.

Makes me wonder what kind of stuff our parents did to us when we were little.


Have a good weekend,


  1. Oh, he is going to get the surprise of a lifetime! I wish I was as crafty and wonderful as Busy Mom-E. I honestly don't know where she gets the enthusiasm and energy...kudos to you both. Rosi

  2. Would have been awesome to leave it on him and let him wake up wearing it.

  3. I think you should put it on him and take some pictures. Show it to all the girls he brings to the house in the future.

  4. That is so funny and I"m impressed at all of Momm-E's creativity too! Little brother will be so excited! LOve, aunt-e