Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Uvular Giggles

Hello Everyone!

Sorry for the delay. I took Labor Day off to enjoy time with the fam.

Last night was another chapter in the epic battle of "Blog versus Sleep".

And sleep won.


So we're all adjusting to the new school routine.

For the most part, Big Brother is enjoying himself, and starting to "open up" more around his teacher and peers.

(The teacher asked us if he was really quiet at home.

Mom-E and I had to bite our lips to avoid asking her if she indeed was talking about Big Brother. Although inviting the teacher over for dinner might be an interesting way to have a quiet dinner at home?)

But I digress.

I've been surprised that Big Brother going to kindergarten has been hard on me, too.

Between staying at work about 30 minutes later with my (newish) position and Big Brother having 10 minutes of homework + going to bed a little earlier, I feel like I've "lost" a sizable chunk of time with him during the week.

(I know, I know, it's only going to get worse as he gets older. But it's still an adjustment. And I always get discombobulated for awhile after we spring forward/fall back with time changes.)

One of the most difficult adjustments for Big Brother is having to go to "After School" 2 days a week.

Mom-E usually picks him up by about 5:30, and he seems to be having fun playing computer games and such, but he starts to get sad when his friends get picked up before him.

And on a couple of occasions, Mom-E has had to pick-up a rather tearful little guy Big Brother.


So, the other night, Big Brother and I were washing hands with his SpongeBob soap, when he asked me "What's that in SpongeBob's mouth?"

"Why, that's his uvula. You have one, too. Wanna see mine?"

Apparently "uvula" is a REALLY FUNNY word to a 5 year-old. We unabashedly laughed about uvulas and looked in the mirror for quite a while, almost to the point of causing a delay in bed time.


On the days Big Brother goes to "After School", I get to take him to school.

As we're driving to school the other day, Big Brother spontaneously blurts out, matter-of-factly, "Dad-E, if I get to feeling sad at After School, I'm just going to think about my uvula."

And he proceeded to darn near bust a gut kackling.

"Sounds like a plan, buddy."

So, I can now gauge what kind of day Big Brother has had by asking him how many times he had to think about his uvula.

Hey, whatever works and whatever makes you giggle.

See you on Fatherhood Friday,


  1. This is great! And you've gotta wonder how many kindergarten kiddos know what an "uvula" is?! :)

  2. If he really likes uvula you should look up the song "there's a word for that" by the BareNaked Ladies. They have a pretty funny children's CD named Snacktime. We listen to it everyday.


  3. Good idea, Big Brother. When I start getting stressed with work, I'll just think about my uvula too.

  4. The other day when I picked up Big Brother, he started laughing. I said, "what's so funny?" and he said, "I was just thinking about my uvula!"



  5. OMG...Thanks for the tip, Rachael! I just previewed the CD on iTunes! Love it!