Thursday, September 16, 2010

Security Sunglasses

Happy Fatherhood Friday everyone. I won't tell if you suck your thumb or cuddle with your blankie while visiting all of the great bloggers over at

Although it's Bab-E Brother sporting the sunglasses here, the pair in this picture belong to Little Brother.

And it's a very rare occurence these days for Little Brother to go ANYWHERE without them (he must've been passed out taking a nap when this pic was snapped.)

It's funny how attached to the glasses he's become. We must know their whereabouts at all times, beware the wrath.

And he pretty much refuses to take them off.

He'll stumble into a dark playroom first thing in the morning wearing them, complete with unsteady gait and "I drank too many Capri-Suns last night" kind of appearance.

If you try to turn on the lights, he yells "that hurts my eyes!"

(Isn't that why you're wearing sunglasses, dude? What did they put in your Capri Sun?)

If we go inside, say, to the store, he still keeps them on. I'm sure people think he's either a movie star or a special security agent.

He even sports them in the bathtub, and occasionally falls asleep while still wearing them (while Corey Hart is playing.)

And Labor Day weekend, you can bet he brought them to celebrate Gramm-E's birthday.

(We almost didn't get to go. In what started out like an apparent encore performance of last year's Labor Day weekend, Little Brother got sick 12 hours before we were planning to leave.)

And by sick, I mean woke up in the middle of the night screaming in our room with a fever of 103 (he was neither hot blooded nor chicken at sea) and then proceeded to puke.

Fortunately, as paradoxical as this will sound, he got a lot more puke on me than on our bed (I'm much easier to clean than our bed and linens).

But this was one of those "therapeutic pukes", where after puking he seemed to feel much better, was able to go back to bed, and woke up pretty much himself in the morning.

BRIEF DIGRESSION--If only many other of life's problems could be solved by one good therapeutic puke.

But we made it to Gramm-E's and had a nice time. On Sunday we went swimming at the pool in Aunt-E's neighborhood.

And, of course, the one time he really needed them, Little Brother REFUSED to wear his sunglasses.

In true almost-3 year-old fashion, he couldn't stand the idea of his sunglasses getting wet in the pool (why that's fine in the bathtub requires an independent study course in toddler logic that I have yet to take.)

Oh well, such is life these days.

Have a good weekend,
Protect your eyes from the sun,


  1. Be careful, you may have the next Tom Cruise on your hands.

  2. Our little girl is exactly the opposite...She almost can't be in the same room as her sunglasses. Good stuff.

  3. My daughter has a sensitivity to light, I think because she has hearing loss, it makes her other senses more sensitive. She's always being called a Diva or moviestar everywhere she goes. People think we put the sunglasses on her, but little do they know the terror that ensues if we dare open a door or window blind or (gasp) go outside without some form of eye shade on her. I can totally relate. congrats on the waving, too. It makes the best part of the day even better!