Sunday, April 17, 2011

Chocky Juice Mind Tricks

So this weekend we had the "Great Chocky Juice Standoff of 2011".

A true battle of wits between a certain 3 year-old and his Dad-E.

WARNING: Jedi mind tricks abound. This post is not for the feeble-minded.

It went down like this:

I put Little Brother's chocolate milk (henceforth termed chocky juice) on the table this morning, and sat down in the chair next to him.

Little Brother didn't want to sit at the table. "Bring me my chocky juice!" he exclaimed, repeatedly, while sitting on the kitchen floor.

"I will not bring it to you. You will come to the table to drink it. And you will speak to me nicely, with please. " replied Dad-E ~*hand-waves like a Jedi*~

"I willn't." (Yes, he used the word 'willn't".)

I proceeded to finish my breakfast, amidst cheers of "Bring me my chocky juice!"


Finished, I got up from the table.

To up the ante of our chess game, I put his chocky juice on the floor behind his chair.

From ten feet away, Little Brother continued his protest.

"I can't walk. I'm tired."

"I'm tired, too." I thought. That isn't going to score any points with me.

I proceeded to start to walk towards the stairs.

Little Brother, of course, proceed to get up and chase after me. (Apparently he can walk after all.)

Unrelentingly, he continued to protest "Can you get me my chocky juice?"

"Uh, no." I replied. "If you'd walked towards your chocky juice instead of me, you'd be drinking it right now."

Screaming fit ensued.

Tired of the screaming, Big Brother kindly walked the chocky juice over to his brother.

WARNING: Here comes the "twist" in the story.

Little Brother, continuing to scream, proceeded to carry the chocky juice and set it down on the floor behind his chair, in the exact spot where I'd placed it. This followed with a "Dad-E, get me my chocky juice!" ~*now he's waving his hands like a Jedi*~

(Oh my young friend with an iron clad will. I hope you apply this same stubbornness and tenacious will to resisting future peer pressures.)

Unwavering, I stood my ground.

Finally, some ten minutes after the ordeal started, Little Brother got really hypoglycemic finally caved and picked up the cup.

We proceeded to go upstairs.

FINAL SCORE: Dad-E 1, Little Brother 0

Yet somehow I feel like I still "lost", just for having to battle the young Padawan.

~*You will have a good week*~,


  1. Oh, you are going through that phase too right now....wish us all luck! Right now its the "I do it" phase and the all of a sudden all her clothing is "itchy" phase. Please pray for me...some days its only 9:00am and the child has had three tantrums already. Its exhausting. This story made me feel like I am not alone. Thanks for sharing. Rosi

  2. I'm not a Star Wars fan...but nonetheless the idea of an invisible scoreboard on which you pretend to lick your finger and mark your point certainly hits home with me right now. :) Well done!