Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Lost In Translation

Big Brother's writing abilities have improved immensely over this kindergarten year.

His class has focused a lot on phonics. As such, when they write in class, the children are encouraged to attempt to spell words by sounding them out. The teacher purposely doesn't help them in this phase.

This is interesting to Mom-E and I. Overall, I think it's good for his learning. But it's also up to Mom-E and I to go over his writing to help correct words.

And from time to time, the results are--well--pretty funny. Don't get me wrong: we're quite proud of him. But sometimes his writing makes us chuckle.

Sometimes it's pretty easy to understand what he was saying.

"Some children dream of world peace or purple unicorns. Apparently our future engineer is very focused on automobile safety."

Sometimes it takes a little more work.

"The knife is sharp, but apparently it juliennes (or something else), too."

And other times we're pretty stumped.

"Just like the fan, Big Brother's favorite part may also be forever lost."

And last, but not least, there's still the occasional wtf

"This one reminds me of the Eddie Murphy Buckwheat Sings SNL sketch, particularly the song ???? (Bette Davis Eyes at 0:30)"

We asked Big Brother what this last one said, to which he angrily replied, "Read it to me."

(We would if we could, buddy).

Time to mumble something in Greek and fake having to go potty.

See you on Fatherhood Friday,
Keep writing,

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  1. Yes, an emergency trip to the bathroom always helps in cases like this. I have to smile at the writing.