Monday, April 25, 2011

First Haircut

The 80's have been calling our house (repeatedly) for a while now.

Apparently they wanted their mullet back.

And so, in order have the boys looking their best for Easter, everyone—Bab-E Brother included—got a haircut on Saturday.

If it weren’t for the mullet—okay, it’s not truly a mullet, just really long, curly hair in the back—he really didn’t need a haircut.

And while Mom-E was just a touch sad about saying goodbye to those curly locks, even she was on board with the idea that he needed a haircut to shut me up from my persistent requests that it was time for his first haircut.

He seemed to have an idea that something was a little different, because he was a little antsy while waiting. When it came time for his turn, Bab-E Brother sat in my lap. He was a little apprehensive, but wasn’t particularly fussy or squirmy.

It seemed like with Big Brother and Little Brother, their first haircut had a bit more celebratory feel to it. We did remember to bring the video and still cameras. But neither the haircut place nor Mom-E & I had anything to keep some of his hair.

We’re very fortunate that Bab-E Brother is our ultra-happy baby. We often joke that things are so chaotic with 3 young boys, that he’s happy because we remember to feed him. And so his first haircut was squeezed in because the salon was right next to the next set of errands at Target.

With a quick sweep of the scissors, his curly locks were no more. And Mom-E constructed a make-shift bag out of a piece of paper. (We needed a hair bag, much like Big Brother’s “Car Bag”. If only we’d bought some chips beforehand.)

It was almost like the scene when Eddie Murphy gets a haircut in “Coming to America.” One cut of the scissors, followed by, “That’ll be $8.”

Needless to say, Mom-E and I weren’t terribly impressed. His hair was definitely shorter in the back, but I’d bet that Big Brother could’ve given him a similar quality haircut.

“Umm…do you think you could taper his hair up in the back?”

“Well, he has so little hair and it’s so thin, that it might make him look bald.”

(Whaddyoutalkinbout?!?!?!?) I thought to myself.

“Let’s taper him up, please.”

A bit begrudgingly, she clippered the back of his hair, such that it actually looked like he did not have his first haircut with safety scissors. She must’ve been disappointed that we reduced her dollars made-per-cut ratio from 8 to about 1.

But he looked good.

And the transformation that goes along with a boy’s first haircut is amazing to me. Just a few locks of hair make the difference between “baby” and “little boy.” He looked so handsome, so “grown-up”.

Congrats on your first haircut, Bab-E Brother. We’re glad you’re such a happy, handsome guy. Love you.

Have a good week,

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