Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Tamponinator

Bab-E Brother has a penchant for two unrelated things these days: cinnamon raisin toast and tampons. Yes, I said tampons.

During a recent trip, he discovered this new breakfast (and lunch and dinner) food (the toast, not tampons). He likes it so much he'd probably go anywhere if you told him there MIGHT be cinnamon raisin toast.

In you inadvertently leave the bread on the counter and he sees it, he'll fuss until you give him some.

And my "some", I mean he double fists it. Handing him the first piece only calms him for a few seconds while you get him another piece.

And occasionally, he'll try to put two pieces in one hand and beg for a THIRD piece.

Once his belly is full of cinnamon raisin toast, Bab-E Brother is off to Tamponinate (newly-coined term).

What does it mean to Tamponinate? So it's kind of a "Raiders of the Lost Tampon" scenario. If he's in our bathroom, he makes a bee-line for the cabinet and the tampons, and stats pulling them out. All. Over. The. Floor.

Fortunately, he doesn't open them; he just likes the crinkly sound.

But it's uncanny: if he's in our bathroom he always goes for the tampons, to the exclusion of everything else.

Perhaps we could do an experiment where we put a piece of cinnamon raisin toast in one corner of a room, a box of tampons in the other, and Bab-E Brother in the middle. To which corner will he go first?

Have a good weekend,
I'll be back (as sure as Bab-E Brother will raid for tampons),

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  1. I find this hysterical. I can picture Bab-E Brother with several pieces of cinnamon raisin toast clutched in one hand while crinkling tampons in another. It's amazing what makes babies happy and keeps their interest, isn't it? I think the food will always come first.