Thursday, July 7, 2011

Halloween in July

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Recently, we brought you Christmas in June.

Today, I bring you Halloween in July. (Who said you have to wait until October?)

Little Brother’s summer wardrobe has been all about the extremes, consistent with his unique style and panache.

For the first half of the summer, he pretty much went around wearing only “fimming funks” (swimming trunks) and no shirt.

Recently, he’s returned to wearing his Robin costume, which has been “newly refurbished” (i.e., Mom-E stitched up all of the holes, and made him a new mask to replace the one that went missing. Thanks, Mom-E!)

And by wearing the costume, I don’t mean put in on and play Batman and Robin for an hour (or 5 minutes), depending on attention span.

I mean the boy wears the Robin costume ALL DAY LONG.

It doesn’t matter if it’s 125-degrees outside. He insists on wearing his costume.

The other day, we decided to go to the mall. I got to play with the boys on the playground, while Mom-E got to run an fun errand and an hour with no screams (or at least only the residual screams from inside her head.) ☺

You guessed it. Little Brother INSISTED on wearing his Robin costume to the mall, complete with mask.

And not only that, he was wearing pj’s underneath the costume. (Hey, in our world, Little Brother willingly sporting pants of any kind is a plus.)

You can imagine the looks we got. (Or the looks I assume we got. With 3 young boys, we can still look like a bit of a side show even when everyone is dressed in regular clothes, so I’ve become somewhat immune to stares.)

However, I did notice that Little Brother got lots of attention from the other children at the playground, who seemed to find it a cool idea.

If you happened to be a parent who’s child saw Little Brother at the mall and wants to wear their Halloween costume to the playground, I’m sorry.

Way to go, Little Brother, you have a style all your own that brings a smile and a chuckle to our hearts.

Have a good weekend,


  1. That brings back a lot of good memories. I have 3 kids two boys (14 and 12) and a little girl (9) that have all went though the costume stage. Enjoy times like these because they will make for beautiful memories.

  2. Small world: LOL

    Bella is wearing hers , all day as well...and has asked to sleep in it. I drew the line there :-)

    Happy Fatherhood Friday!