Wednesday, May 4, 2011

3-2-1 Let It Rip

Ah, in a house full of boys, the title of this post could have so many interesting potential meanings.

But in our case, I'm talking about Bey Blades.

Ever heard of Bey Blades?

Neither had I, until Big Brother presented us with an oral report on the subject some weeks ago.

Bey Blades are metal/plastic tops. You use a rip-cord to launch them into a plastic stadium (after saying 3-2-1 Let It Rip), where they proceed to battle (i.e., crash into each other repeatedly). The last top Bey Blade spinning wins the battle/1 point. Games played to 7. Winner take all. The tops can be taken apart, and the components interchanged to customize your Bey Blade, which is kinda cool.

And you can also create your own Bey Blade online, and battle with other virtual Bey Bladers across the globe, which is kinda a potential black hole of time for a computer-saavy 6 year-old.

Apparently, Big Brother has been watching some of the older kids play Bey Blades at "before school", but they wouldn't let the kindergarteners play. Meanies.

So, we suggested that he ask the Easter Bunny for some Bey Blades.

Wouldn't you know it, the Easter Bunny delivered.

And so now at our house, we play Bey Blades. At breakfast, after dinner, before going to bed. In our sleep.

Basically, if you come over to our house, you'll be challenged to a Bey Blade battle with Big Brother.

It's actually pretty fun, and while the Bey Blades are battling, I get to "pepper" Big Brother in conversation with questions about his day, thoughts on life, etc. :)

Although sometimes Big Brother is at a slight advantage. It's hard to launch a Bey Blade correctly while you're trying to eat your cereal with a chocky-juice glurping 3 year-old on one knee, and a pancake-munching 16 month-old on the other knee, but hey, that's the stuff trick shots are made of.

Of course, the Easter Bunny did pay visit to the other boys.

Little Brother has been ecstatic about his "eye bugging" Phineas and Ferb toys.

Oh to understand what it was that captured his fascination with these semi-gross figures. But the boy be happy with 'em.

And last but not least, Bab-E Brother got socks and...

Yes, he really did get cinnamon raisin toast. But hey, it's exactly what The Tamponinator likes, so he was quite happy, too.

Well, I better to. Just got challenged to another battle.

See you on Fatherhood Friday,


  1. Cool game. Anything that gives you conversation time is great. Kids remember and cherish conversations with parents...

  2. Your title did have me giggling. I'm glad the boys received gifts from the Easter Bunny that they enjoyed. Bey Blades sounds like a lot of fun!