Thursday, November 3, 2011

Did You Ever Have One of Those Dinners?

Where, after a long, trying day, you sit down to the dinner table as a family, say the blessing, and start to take that first bite, when, in rapid-fire succession, the following happens:

The cell phone rings.

Then the house phone rings.

Then the dryer buzzes that it's done (and it's filled with a load of delicates that if not folded in the next 15 seconds will be wrinkled forever).

Then the doorbell rings with a kid in the neighborhood selling the same stuff your kid is selling.
Then Little Brother screams that he has to go potty.

Then the dog starts barking and scratching at the door (to go potty).

Then Little Brother returns from going potty, only to "tag out" with Big Brother who now also has to go potty.

Then Bab-E Brother throws his milk, which looks like he went potty on the floor.

Then you have to remind small men to flush and wash hands.

Then Big Brother decides he doesn't want to wear clothes, and runs upstairs to change into jammies.

Then Little Brother decides he should be wearing jammies too, and screams until you carry him upstairs to change.

Then the boys chug their "choky-juice" in one gulp.

Then they decide that suddenly they're cold (from the liter of fluid they just consumed) and need a blanket.

Then both boys have to go upstairs again to get blankets.

Then Big Brother brings a toy downstairs with him.

Then Little Brother is mad that he doesn't have a toy.

Then the dog whines to come back inside.

Then the dog whines to go back outside.

Then the boys are hangry to the point that they refuse to eat while simultaneously screaming that they're hungry.

And then we finally eat our cold meal.

Yeah, that's pretty much just a typical evening for us. :)

Have a good weekend,


  1. Hmmmm....wonder where that 15 second rule came from??

  2. Been there down that... I believe at least three times this weekend. Rachael

  3. Its exhausting being a parent...I am just glad that there are others who can relate. Rosi

  4. Never had one that bad! But I have given up eating some nights until after the kids are in bed.