Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wheel of Costumes

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We hope you had a Happy Halloween!

Those of you who have tuned in to the show know that the entire month of October was costume month on Wheel of Costumes, what with 2 of our 3 contestants wearing at least 1 (and sometimes 2 simultaneously) costume(s) an average of 18 hours per day.

And so coming down to our final show of the month, the big question in everyone's mind was "Which costume would the boys wear for the big Trick or Treat episode?"

The list was "narrowed" down to the following possibilities:
1. Captain America - Little Brother's original first choice and new costume for this year.

2. Ryuga (the main "bad guy" on the Beyblades tv show - Big Brother's original first choice and new costume for this year, which he did wear for Trick or Treat Night at the Zoo, as well as a Halloween Picture of the 3 boys.

3. Superman - Bab-E Brother's costume - NOT picked by him, but chosen based on cuteness by your loyal hosts. In fact, if left to his own devices, Bab-E Brother would probably be content with tennis shoes and a diaper (and nothing else). The only way to successfully put a costume on his person is to be actively feeding him chocolate as a distraction while doing so.

4. Red/Original Spiderman - Birthday present from Gramm-E and Grampap-E for Little Brother's 3rd birthday.

5. Black Spiderman - In true Black Spiderman, this costume was a late entry, a personality changing "dark horse" poised to topple Captain America from the pole position. About a week before Halloween, Little Brother suddenly decided he NEEDED this costume. Discussions were initiated with Pa-Pa about a potential early birthday present. And in true 3 year-old fashion, Little Brother expected the costume to be delivered to his front doorstep a mere 12 hours after he made his wishes known. When this did not happen, much chagrin and anguished was experienced by Little Brother and his parents alike. Fortunately, the ability to track packages on the map via UPS helped to slightly diffuse the tension. When the costume did arrive, as is the way of the virus known as Black Spiderman, it became an immediate source of conflict between Big Brother and Little Brother, who fought incessantly over who got to wear it, complete with repeated attempts (some successful) by Big Brother to pull the mask off and reveal Black Spiderman's true identity. Within 3 days, the costume had more runs than your mother's pantyhose, although still wearable. I found it funny that Little Brother actually thought the costume was the character Venom (who's costume is midnight blue). When challenged on this fact, Little Brother was ADAMANT that Black Spiderman was NOT Peter Parker.

6. Batman - Last year's Halloween costume.

7. Dale Jr.

8. Wolverine

9. Buzz Lightyear

(7-9 were passed to the boys a while back as gifts from one of Gramm-E's coworkers.)

10. Wubbzy (from Nickelodeon's "Wow Wow Wubbzy" - Big Brother's "(Not so) Dark Horse". Both Big Brother and Little Brother have a Wubbzy costume that was hand-made by Mom-E, during a phase in which our house was all Wubbzy all the time. In true child fashion, after multiple late night efforts from Mom-E to make these costumes, the boys wore them a grand total of about twice. When they started asking Mom-E recently to make them Black Spiderman pj's, I reminded them about how they pretty much never wore their Wubbzy costumes. This passive guilt trip attempt worked for Big Brother, who started wearing his Wubbzy costume around the house in the days leading up to Trick or Treat.

On the day of the big show, the boys could literally not make up their minds, changing costumes at least 6(7,000) times.
But finally the clock ran out and when forced with "pick a costume or miss part of Trick or Treat", they picked.

And so, without further ado, this year's costumes were:

Big Brother - Wubbzy

Little Brother - Captain America

Bab-E Brother - Superman (following a chocolate bribe)

In contrast to all of the stress leading up to it, Trick or Treat was actually wonderful no-stress family fun. Everyone behaved (chocolate is a powerful motivator). The weather was crisp and beautiful. Little Brother and Bab-E Brother enjoyed being pushed around in a stroller. (I'd love to have someone push me from house to house, and I just hold out a bucket and rack up a bunch of candy). Their excitement was contagious (a neighbor had a large inflatable Scooby Doo, and Little Brother started busting out a song about Scooby - to the tune of Caillou). The boys loaded up their buckets, but didn't complain about being limited to two pieces of candy that evening (which was still enough to send Bab-E Brother into a sugar-induced locomotion frenzy in the bathtub, not unlike the scene in Corky Romano when Chris Kattan speaks to a group of children visiting the FBI after being engulfed in a dust storm of cocaine - "Question. Question. Yes. No. Yes. Question. Question.") Big Brother even voluntarily practiced piano afterwards, while still in costume.

What fun! Love you boys!

See you on Fatherhood Friday,

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