Sunday, November 20, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday!

Dear Little Brother,

It seems so recently that, according to Big Brother, we went to the “baby store” to “pick you out” when you were born.

And now you’re 4!


And though I call you Little Brother, your entire life you’ve never been little on personality and charisma.

You have a spirit that elicits the admiration of others around you.

Lately, your pastime has been superheroes and wearing costumes. You wear them ALL the time, and the word “all” includes sleeping.

And you change your costumes ALL the time, multiple times a day.

We had a wonderful time at your birthday party – a costume-themed party at a local park/playground. You and many (child) guests came dressed as a favorite superhero.

There were ~6 finalists, but ultimately you chose your Batman costume (you were wearing Captain America in the invitation photo).

Until you got a new superhero costume as a present, which you put on immediately.

And your presents from Mom-E and I were all superhero-themed: a Captain America mask and (disk-shooting) shield and a Spiderman web shooter (that really shoots webs! Sweet!)

This year has brought exciting changes for you. Most notably, you’ve started 2 days a week of pre-K.

Your teachers now say that you’re opening up at school – singing, talking, and interacting well.

This is funny o me because you’re ANYTHING but reserved at home.

But I’m excited to see you starting to draw people/figures, an increased interest in letters and numbers (you often refer to both of them as numbers), and a love of reading.

You’ve been invited to several birthday parties for classmates, which have been fun.

And so, some comments to try to capture your personality, interests, likes, and other amusing anecdotes. When you’re an adult, I hope you enjoy reading this.

As a “middle child”, you do very well relating to others. You certainly look up to an want to do the same things as Big Brother, but you also play well with Bab-E Brothers. In fact, you appear to love babies in general. You like to get down on “their level” to interact.

I can see you as a pediatrician, but of course you are/will be encouraged to pursue a career of your own choosing. (Maybe arguing against being a pediatrician is your distaste for “ouchies”. You insist on a band-aid for most every hangnail.)

You are stubborn (we know which parents that comes from) and at times illogical. If we ask you to do something, and your response begins with a slow “Well … “, Mom-E and I know to expect a 5-minute BS answer.

Sometimes you will spend 5 minutes explaining why:
-You can’t pick up the napkin you dropped that’s right to you.
-You’re too tired to walk (or suddenly claim that you CAN’T walk)
-You’re too tired to sleep (or lie down)

I’ve carried you A LOT in the past 4 years. I love carrying you, but soon you’ll have to do more walking. When I get old and need back surgery, I will be asking you for help.

And your answer will NOT begin with “Well …”

I gave you the picky eater gene and you certainly express high levels of it. I’m sorry. We REALLY need to work on this one. If left to your own devices, you would have a liquid diet of chocolate milk and yogurt smoothie drinks.

You LOVE ropes. Or anything that can be remotely construed as a rope. A lot. You tie ropes around your waist like a belt. You tie ropes around stuffed animals/toys, and suspend them from other objects. Balloon strings are among your favorite ropes.

You like to store a variety of objects in your shorts. Some of the more amusing things we’ve found recently include balloons, Halloween candy, and a pair of latex gloves that Big Brother brought home from school (?)

You like to dance with me to loud music. And by dance I mean I carry you around and twirl.

Ouch, my back again.

It takes you a while to become “human” when you wake-up from sleep or a nap. In the morning, you need your morning cartoon fix before we can think about engaging you to get dressed (or just talk in non-grunts). In the afternoon, you often fuss mostly inconsolably for 20-30 minutes after your nap, and insist on being carried during that time.

(My back hurts just writing this.)

You still NEED a nap. Some days you’re willing, and some days not. It’s very clear to Mom-E and I when you don’t nap. We’ve had to resort to veiled threats to get you to nap (or letting you clean the toilet, which strangely is a motivator.)

But when you are fully awak, you ar ea jovial and very sweet and loving boy.

I’m very proud of you.

And I wish you a very happy 4th birthday.

I love you,

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