Friday, August 7, 2009

Bab-E is a...

Happy Fatherhood Friday everyone!

The views expressed in this blog do not necessarily reflect the views of, but they still let me participate in this event.

We had our 2nd trimester ultrasound on Wednesday.

Without further ado, Bab-E is…(drum-roll)…

a BOY!

We now have 60% of a basketball team (albeit our players are very short), and we're also saving money on clothes and toys.

Whoever said that the Y-chromosome was becoming obsolete must've forgotten to survey our household.

And apparently because I took my childhood swimming lessons at the "Y"-MCA, my "X"'s were off talking about shoes instead of working on their swimming skills.

Methinks it's time to consider renaming the blog:
c. Even The Dog's A BOY
d. Mom-E is WAY WAY Outnumbered Now

Seriously, we’re all excited. Sure there were moments where I envisioned shopping for dresses with Mom-E, and polishing my shotgun on the porch. And I still hold on to hopes of having a daughter someday. But that's a personal decision for Mom-E and I some time down the road.

However, we feel completely blessed to have a third son who appears to be healthy. Apparently, it is our mission in life right now to produce a small army of sweet, handsome, polite, well-adjusted, and compassionate boys who we hope will:
a. Make the dads of three girls very happy someday.
b. Make wonderful future Dad-E's (and Dad Bloggers)!

Mom-E's OB said that God never gives you more than you can handle. And with 3 boys, she must have the patience of Job.

I'd argue that she's even MORE patient than Job. I mean, Job went through a lot, but he didn't have to give birth to or breastfeed 3 boys.

At least we know Mom-E will be VERY well protected by her men.

Here’s a picture of Bab-E Brother:

There's only ONE PROBLEM. We have NO IDEA what to name him. Seriously. And so, IT'S CONTEST TIME!


If you win (i.e., we pick one of your names), Mom-E has promised to "make you something cool."

That may sound ambiguous, but take it from anyone she has ever hand-made something for, the girl does good work.

Don't forget, Mom-E has a Black Belt in Grandma Arts.

Thanks for sharing in our happy news.

Have a good weekend!


  1. I loved this blog today and the US picture! I am SO happy! It would have been so fun to have a baby girl in the family, but I love boys so I'm just as happy about this (of course)! Can I submit more than one name? Mom-E is VERY good at making sleep sacks, valences, bed skirts, diaper holders, CUTE outfits I want to one. I'm going to think about this name thing and then post another comment later! Love Aunt_E

  2. I also loved this post today. I love your humor! The 3D ultrasound gives me chills and I do think Bab-E looks like Big Brother.
    So happy to have another sweet boy to love. I will also be thinking up some names. Mom-E definitely rocks with her sewing/crocheting skills!

  3. Congrations!! I'm sure the other boys are thrilled!

  4. Congrats! You may be 60% of a basketball team, but now you have your own golf foursome. Tee times will be that much easier for you :)

  5. Congratulations to you and your family.
    Name: Justin

  6. so many names, so little time. I suggest something fun, like Bradford David, so he can have a nickname or initials matching your blog ;-)

  7. Don't count those chickens before they hatch! Middle Weasel (very feminine name) was 100% going to be Matthew Weasel. I still have an ultrasound pick of her, plain as day, gonads. That said I like John Ryan Weasel for a name. Call him Jack. The name Jack gives connotations of a good guy. You can puke in Jack's car and he won't get mad (as long as you clean it up). Jack will spot you a 5. Jack is solid and dependable. Jack is a good friend.

  8. Yes, I agree, Jack Ryan is an outstanding name! I"m thinking Carter...but I haven't thought of a middle name yet Love, Aunt-E

  9. Jack Ryan is a very special name!!

  10. Congrats - I can lend you two boys to make up the other 40% of the Basketball team.

    Names - Budd E, Corr E, Tim E, Jaym E or Bill E

  11. CONGRATULATIONS! Thank you for sharing the ultra sounds photos. How precious!

    I never thought of boys names because we were going to use my husbands first and middle names, but invert them because he didn't want a junior. Well we didn't have to worry because we had two girls.

    I must say Smallprint's names are very clever. That said, I like Peter Edward, Patrick James, Michael John, Max Gregory and Alexander Edward.

    Of course, I like Jack Ryan, but that's already been submitted.

    Congratulations, again!

  12. i'm gonna have to think on names. simply because i can't give you the ones i suggested to howefitz. hehe hey, i saw a baby story where this couple were expecting twin boys, boy way they ever surprised when they got twin girls. they had to change their whole nursery! lol

  13. Bradly Scott or Scott Bradly?

  14. I saw that episode of the baby story, Ciara! That was quite a surprise! :) You just never know, huh!?

  15. So, Bab-E has your nose just like the other two boys! It's a cute nose.

    Owen Wayne....haha he could be a wayne

    Grayson Tyler


    Hayden Allen

    David Scott

    Carson Alexander

  16. Congrats dude!

    And now that I'm catching up with you, I DO remember you were having another baby! That's awesome!