Thursday, August 20, 2009

O Brother Where Art Thou

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Those of you who made it to "class" last week may remember that Big Brother started pre-K this week. Around here, Mom-E and I have been feeling a bit excited, proud, and sentimental about this milestone.

I was fully expecting to have some humorous anectdote to share today about Big Brother's first week of school. Perhaps something related to having to go potty, meeting a little girlfriend (the boys pretend they're dinosaurs and chase the girls on the playground), or making some other funny comment or observation (like telling us his teacher is a goof-ball).

Instead, it's just been a mostly week of fun and excitement for Big Brother. He appears to be adjusting well and is thriving his new environment, even though he tells us his teacher won't let him eat his pudding?!? I've noticed a surge in his creative energy, especially wanting to do even more drawing and puzzles, that persists well into the evening.

Even the start of fall soccer season has provided me with little blogging material. Perhaps because my work schedule doesn't permit me to coach this fall, Big Brother is responding very well to soccer this go-around. He followed instructions, answered questions out loud, and managed to avoid playing in the dirt piles at his first practice. (Sorry WeaselMomma.)

Actually, the most notable impact of the new school year has been it's saddening effect on Little Brother. The poor guy really misses his Big Brother, even though he does like to look at the fish tank at school (on both the way in and the way out). It's been hard for him to understand why he can't go to school, too. There have been some wimpers and cries of protest upon leaving school. This is compounded by the fact that when Big Brother gets home, Little Brother is exhausted and ready for nap time.

Talking to Mom-E on the phone Wednesday, I could hear Little Brother say in the background, "I want Big Brother."

It's interesting because this is the first time in his life that Little Brother has extended periods of 1 to 1 time with Mom-E, whereas Big Brother had almost 3 years of undivided parental attention.

And his feelings are in no way a knock on Mom-E or I. Although I would've thought Little Brother would relish in play time with Mom-E without being bowled over or having toys grabbed away by Big Brother, this change is still hard for him. Since birth, he only knows what it's like to have Big Brother always around.

Even Big Brother has been attuned to this sentiment. Just the other day, he explained to Little Brother over breakfast, "Now Little Brother, I'm going to have to go to school soon here today, but I'll be back."

So, on the one hand, my heart goes out to Little Brother right now as he goes through his own adjustment period. On the other hand, it makes my heart smile that my two boys are so closely bonded.

Have a good weekend,


  1. Number 1 will be in 2nd grade this year and if things are the same as last year, Squirt will be waiting for him at the door every afternoon. As much as they disagree, they are always keeping each other company. That's what brothers are for.

  2. I was the older brother. We fought like crazy sometimes, but when I look back on my childhood, the clearest image is of my brother Sam. In many ways we raised each other.

    We were out to lunch yesterday, sitting across from each other and I was suddenly shocked to notice that I tend to hold my head tipped slightly to the right, while he holds his tipped slightly to the left -- like mirrors of each other. Strange and wonderful.

  3. I had five sisters growing up, so there was always someone to pal around with. I have two daughters, 15 and 18. The 18 year old just left for college and the younger one is missing her, Just like when the oldest went to pre-k. However, the youngest is not walking around the house looking for her older sister and repeating her name over and over in a sad, almost crying voice. No, that's me.

  4. Hey - sounds like all went well. Poor No. 2 - I am sure it will not take long for him to enjoy being the centre of attention at home!


  5. Little Brother will come to really enjoy having mommy all to himself, but will always get excited when he sees Big Brother walk out of the school doors.

  6. We went through the same thing when Nicky went to Pre-K because Jordy was upset. Now Nicky is going into 1st grade and Jordy is going into Pre-K so it will be interesting to see how Corey reacts. The way I see it for my wife - 1.5 down(cannot give pre-k too much credit) and 1.5 to go before they are all out of the house for the day!