Friday, August 28, 2009


Happy Fatherhood Friday Everyone!

If there’s something strange, in your blogger-hood. Who you gonna visit? !

Well, it’s been a hectic week in Busy-Dad-E’s neighborhood.

Couple that with today being my least favorite day of the entire year.

And so now, for a dose of smiles and laughter to brighten anyone's day, insert small children dancing to Ghostbusters.

That’s right. Despite having never seen the movie, Big and Little Brother have developed a complete infatuation with Ray Parker, Jr’s theme song.

We can’t sit down to dinner anymore without Little Brother’s request for, “More Go-buster, Dad-E!”

I love it. I can’t help but be proud that my boys are excited by music from one of the defining films of my generation.

I’ll let you be the judge of their skills and choreography.

Enjoy! (And yes, that's Big Brother wearing Batman jammies, complete with cape.)

Have a good weekend,


  1. little kids are cute & funny when they dance. they will dance to about anything w a good beat. :) ghostbusters was cool, but don't ya think they shoulda stopped w the first one?? ;0) happy fatherhood friday to ya.

  2. There is nothing like the Ghostbusters' theme to get your kids rockin' and rollin'. They are so very cute and their laughter makes me smile! Thanks for sharing Big Brother and Little Brother with us for a few moments. Just curious, is the looking at the video through glass block window effect deliberate? If so, no worries. If not, well, it's my computer's fault and there is nothing else to say.
    Why is it your least favorite day of the year? I hope you're doing ok.

  3. That's awesome! My 7 year old loves watching Ghostbusters.

  4. Dad-E, since this is a tough day for you, I thought I would let you know what Little Brother said this morning. When he woke up, he said, "I want Dad-E. Go away, Mom-E!" Once I finally got him out of bed, he promptly requested to listen to Ghostbusters. Hang in there today! We love you!

    PS Yes, the glass-effect on the video was intentional (just to remain somewhat anonymous). So no worries, your computers are working fine! :)

  5. I know this is a tough day for you Dad-E, maybe you guys can do something fun this evening to celebrate life kind of like you did last year. Thanks for the cute!
    Love, Aunt-E

  6. You know you can't mention that its going to be a tough day and not say why...we are all going to ask. LOL! I hope your day is not as bad as you anticipate it to be. Love the dance routine. Rosi

  7. Thanks for the comments. Yes, the blurring effect on the video was deliberate.

    Since everyone is asking, it's the anniversary of my mother's death.

    @Ciara: Yes, they should've stopped with the original film. In general (with exceptions like Star Wars, Indiana Jones, LOTR, and Harry Potter), sequels are generally disappointing.

  8. Classic! I hafta go get that DVD now too LOL

  9. That is too funny. Big Brother was really cutting a rug at the beginning.

  10. Your boys are precious. I am sorry that you have to have such tough days as today. My thoughts are with you and I understand how this day sneaks up on you and puts heartache into what could be a perfectly good Friday otherwise.

  11. Oh, Busy Dad-E, I am so sorry and I'm thinking of you today.

  12. After seeing kids dance, it reminds me that there could be something wrong in my neighborhood, but I just don't care, I'm too busy smiling.

  13. I love the break dancing that Little Brother did, although it may have been unintentional. Also love Big Brother's Batman pajamas. Busy-Dad-E, I am so sorry that I completely forgot about Friday. I hope you did do something special to celebrate you did last year. I am late looking at last week's blogs because our (new)computer has been in the shop for a week and I was waiting for a weekend to risk going to the blog on my work computer. Take care, and I hope you and Mom-E get to relax a bit today after all the recent busy-ness.

  14. Oh no, I'm getting---HAPPY FEET! Waaaaaaaa!!!!.....