Monday, August 24, 2009

Half-Way There

Recently Mom-E noted on the calendar that she’s half-way to her due date.

[Please pause with me for a brief freak-out moment.]

Even Mom-E said that she sometimes still looks in the mirror and is surprised to see her pregnant belly.

(Speaking of which, it’s better to ask a pregnant woman when her due date is, rather than commenting on the size of her belly. I can’t believe the people who have told her, “you look like you’re due anytime.” Lucky for them they lived.)

Hello, people, it’s called Bab-E #3. Her uterus simply says, “Oh, yeah, I’ve done that before. Let’s make some room in here,” and out it goes. Besides, I think Mom-E is hot with her “bab-e bump.”

Anyway, we’re obviously very excited about Bab-E Brother’s pending arrival in a few months. It’s just that we’ve been so bus-e with things lately that the time has been flying by.


One of the exciting things about Bab-E’s pending arrival is that we will be having another “Big Brother Party.”

We did this just after Little Brother officially joined the family. Essentially, it was like a birthday party, except that we celebrated Big Brother becoming, well, a Big Brother. The party was complete with family guests, a cake, and a present from Little Brother (fortunately, Big Brother didn’t ask how Little Brother could get him a present from inside Mom-E’s belly, especially one that was dry.)

It was a great way to make Big Brother feel extra special about his new role at a time when he was experiencing a big change.

We’re excited that soon we’ll be planning another Big Brother Party for both Big Brother and Little Brother. It will be interesting to see how Big Brother explains this one to Little Brother.

I’m curious to know things you and your family have done to make older siblings feel special around the time of the arrival of a new baby. For example, my cousin and her husband have been taking their children out for their own special day (with just mommy and daddy), prior to the arrival of their new sibling.
So, don’t be shy. Share with the group.

Have a good week,


  1. Your party idea is great. We always did a gift from the new baby to the older siblings and gave it to them the first time they met their new baby. We also always let them help to care for the baby. Passing diapers or wipes, picking outfits, etc.
    What are you going to call Little Brother once Littlest Brother comes around?

  2. I'm the littlest and only have 1, so I'm no help to you, but I was curious like WM is. Does Little Brother become Middle Brother? Or does Bab-E stay Bab-E, and Big and Little stay the same?

  3. Great idea with the party. When my brother was born I got a Jaba the Hut toy complete with trap door. A whole party sounds even better.

  4. I love your idea of a party! That is a great idea and what a positive way to welcome a new baby to the family by honoring the children you already have with their own party. How clever and creative. I think you've given a new definition to the phrase "positive reinforcement."
    I'm curious, too. What are you going to call Little Brother once Bab-E brother makes his debut? I'm thinking Big Brother 2, or Middle Brother or . . .
    I had to laugh when you paused for a freak out moment. I can't believe, yes I can, that someone would actually refer to the size of a pregnant woman's abdomen. Are they nuts? Even the most mild mannered of women can become homicidal when they are pregnant. Hello. Hormones anyone?
    Half-way there. I'm sure all of you are getting pretty excited. I hope Busy Mom-E is feeling good.

  5. I think for purposes of consistency within the blog, we'll stick with Big Brother and Little Brother. We'll go with Bab-E Brother for #3. :)

  6. Busy-Dad-E and Surprised Mom, you both made me laugh. For the life of me I cannot figure out why someone would say "You look like you are due any time" What a dangerous comment...think it if you want, but don't say it. Besides, Busy-Mom-E does not look anywhere near due. Also, she is very petite and this is all baby. Busy Dad-E...I agree with the names for the brothers 3, however, eventually you will have to come up with something else for Bab-E Brother, when he is not so much a Bab-E anymore..haha.