Monday, August 3, 2009

Raiders of the Lost Tampon

(Cue music that sounds like John Williams’ “Raiders” theme, only instead of an orchestra it’s performed by an (almost) two year-old using a tampon as a kazoo.)

That’s right, Little Brother recently found Mom-E’s stash of tampons in our bathroom. Since we’re expecting, they’re not really getting much use right now. (He did not have to replace the box of tampons with a bag of sand in order to prevent the entire bathroom from crumbling apart.)

Apparently, Little Brother didn’t want them to feel neglected.


At first, he just enjoyed taking them in-and-out of the box. (An interesting way to learn counting and reading skills?)

Getting bored with that, he proceeded to tear one open. (Don’t worry, nobody’s face melted off in the process.)

In true child form (i.e., the package is always more interesting than what’s inside), Little Brother is only interested in the purple plastic applicator.

He proceeds to use it as a kazoo. (Cue music).

He then treks around the house playing his kazoo. (Cue the maps from Indiana Jones that track his progress when he flies to distant lands. Don’t worry, no monkeys were harmed in the procession.)

Later that night, we went to the grocery store. At one point, Little Brother insisted on getting out of the cart to walk. It is of course no surprise that this occurred just as we’re walking past the TAMPON AISLE (There were more boxes of tampons than boxes of artifacts placed into storage.)

Amazingly, Little Brother walked RIGHT PAST the aisle. Whew! Had he seen them, we’d probably still be trying to get him out of the store. (He’d be braiding the tampons into a whip.)

At least we won’t have to buy party favors for his second birthday party. :)

Stay tuned for the sequel: Little Brother and the Temple of Tampons.

Have a good week,


  1. No video????? We need video! That would make a youtube sensation.

  2. This morning, LIttle Brother told me he wanted a "do." I had no idea what he was talking about, but he took me into the bathroom and started to open the special cabinet. I said, "Do you want a kazoo?" His reply, "yeah!" Oh goodness! We really need to replace the lock! :)

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  4. This proves that children can truly make a toy out of ANYTHING! love, aunt-e

  5. HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Great Aunt K