Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Call Off the Boys

Sometimes when Big Brother rips toys out of Little Brother's clutches picks on Little Brother, I make the subtle suggestion that, "someday Little Brother might be bigger than you, and if that happens, he's going to remember all the times you took toys away from him."

Well, apparently both boys have remembered previously repressed memories of being smaller than Pupp-E, and all of the times Pupp-E has snatched food out of their hands, or grabbed one of their toys, run off with it, and attempted to chew it under the table.

And now it's time for their "revenge."

The boys' new favorite pastime is to form a hunting party (of 2), and chase Pupp-E ALL OVER THE HOUSE, wherever he may be.

Armed with only Mom-E's hairbrushes in one arm and dragging their blankies in the other, they set off on a mission to terrorize that poor, little dog.

(They look like a cross between and Muppet Babies and Don Quixote.)

And by terroize I mean run through the house kackling loudly and attempting to "lasso" Pupp-E by throwing their blankies over him. And occasionally combing his hair with Mom-E's hairbrush. Sorry, Mom-E.

"Hey Little Brother, let's go get Pupp-E," I hear Big Brother whisper.

And, like the zombies in the Mumm-E movie shouting "Im-ho-tep", Little Brother is in complete kahootz with Big Brother.

And they're off.

They're undeterred in their quest for vengence.

And by undettered, I mean Little Brother is sick with a fever to 101, and is still frolicking around the house trying to "get" Pupp-E.

And if Pupp-E goes outside because Dad-E "accidentally" opens the door, the mob boys want to follow him into the yard.

And if Pupp-E retreats to Mom-E and Dad-E's bed, where Mom-E lies with a fever of 101and throbbing sinus headache, the boys try to climb into bed like Orks at the Battle For Helms Deep. (More details on that on Friday.)

For now, I better go call off the boys rescue the dog.

See you on Fatherhood Friday,


  1. Sounds like you got quite the handful going on right now. Not sure who's got it worse though..Mom-E or Little Brother with their fevers, or Pupp-E!

  2. Poor Mom - E! I hope she feels better and recieves a replacement hair brush.

  3. Just from this post alone I can see why you call yourself Busy Dad-E. Would you please pass along my sympathies to Mom-E? I hope she feels better and gets a new hairbrush soon. I hope you don't come down with whatever Big Brother and Mom-E have.

  4. I like the LOTR reference. I'm not a real girl am I? Anyway, that's hilarious because Pupp-E definitely liked his extra snacks and chewing on a binky here and there. It's nice that he's good nature enough to allow the boys to do that though. :)

    ~The Cool Young Aunt-E (TCY Aunt-E)