Monday, September 28, 2009


The comedian Gallagher once said (and millions of others, myself included, agree) that “you don’t have a baby. A baby has you.”

This was certainly the case with both of our boys. Bab-E is proving to be no different. In addition to all of the “usual” preparations for our upcoming arrival, oh by the way we’re selling our current house and hoping to move to another house with a little more space.

If that’s not a Bab-E controlling the actions of multiple adults and children, I don’t have an example.

However, Mom-E and I have made a discovery recently that tips the balance (albeit just ever-so-slightly and briefly) of control back in our favor:

Gummy Vitamins.

I’m serious.

Not only are they the most balanced part of Big and Little Brothers’s nutrition, they can make an (almost) 5 and 2-year old snap to attention with mere utterance of the phrase, “It’s bedtime. Who wants a vitamin?” (Perhaps because it’s pretty much like getting a piece of candy.)

Instantly, the boys will stop laying complete waste to the house whatever they’re doing and run to the kitchen for a handout, screaming “I do. I do.” as they knock each other over to get in line first

I even tried it today at different time than usual. “Hey boys, if you put away those blocks you can have a vitamin.”

(FYI. Apparently it only works at bedtime.)

Right now we prefer Wall-E vitamins, but it’s worked just fine with Spiderman and Scooby-Doo, too.

This has made Mom-E and I wish for an entire line of gumm-E food products. They would have the nutritional value of the desired food, but the consistency and flavor of gumm-E vitamins:

“Hey boys, come and get your gumm-E chicken and your gumm-E asparagus.”

Although we’d probably get sued for copyright infringement by Bertie Bots Every Flavor Beans.

Oh well, it’s still fun.

Have a good week,


  1. Three Things.
    1) My parents had recorded that Gallagher comedy special about 21 years ago on Showtime. I saw it dozens of times. Anchor in a diaper. Robot baby in highchair spitting out food. I think about the elevator story everytime I'm on one with my kids.

    2) If I don't give vitamins when I'm supposed too (in the morning and before bed), my daughter (almost 4) never forgets to remind me with a guilt trip.

    3) We play Harry Potter Jelly Bean Russian Roulette. The best was when my sister got "Baby Wipes", spits it out and yells "IT'S SOAPY!!!!" A co-worker of mine put some on her desk and put the nice names next to them. A girl grabbed a handful of "popcorn" and said it was great. It was rotten eggs.

  2. I have heard that there are also "gummy omega-3 bears"! AUnt-E

  3. Gummy vitamins? No, they wouldn't work on my girls, they're too old. I wonder if they have vitamins that work on teenagers? I'm glad your boys are into gummy vitamins and more importantly, I'm glad you can use them to entice them into good works.

  4. Yep, they have gummy vitamins for adults now, too. Will the fun never cease? Great post.