Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Happy Halloween

I know, I know, it’s only September.

However, there are two major forces at play in our house right now.

Halloween (or Fall, more generally) is Mom-E’s favorite time of year. (No, she does not fly around on a broom or use a cauldron. Shame on you for thinking such). She’s just almost loved this time of year: the colors, the decorations, and, of course, pumpkin-spiced lattes from Starbucks. (Don’t get me started. Don’t EVEN get me started. I’m the rogue non-coffee drinker in the family. Please pass the chai.) So anyway, we’re already starting to get the house decorated for Halloween. In fact, the Halloween dish towels have been on display for like 3 weeks now.

The other reason to usher in the Halloween season so early is that we went costume shopping with the boys last week, and SOMEBODY has been very excited.

The boys will be going as Batman and (mini, darker, fleecier) Batman. (Darned if the Robin costume was just way too big). Big Brother was absolutely THRILLED with his costume. It took a small act of Congress to dissuade him from wearing the bat-mask that goes with the costume into the restaurant after we bought it.

(We still managed to draw a fair share of attention to our table with the usual antics.)

On the other hand, Little Brother wasn’t too terribly excited about costumes in general. He wanted to look at a number of them—Spiderman, The Incredible Hulk, and Batman—but had no desire to actually try anything on.

And so, Mom-E and I made an executive decision that (fraternal) peer-pressure would probably get the best of things in the long-run, and that it made sense that both of the boys would get to be Batman.

Thus far, it hasn’t exactly worked out, as Little Brother pretty much screams his head off even at the mention of putting his costume on. Fortunately, we all know that candy changes minds.

(At least it did for me when my parents put me in that darn clown costume when I was 3.)

However, even Big Brother has been a bit fickle about his costume. It’s not uncommon for him to wake-up and want to morph into Batman first thing in the morning. 2 minutes later (after the 10 minutes it takes to put on) though he wants to take it off.

I guess if you can’t drink chocolate milk through the bat mask you’ve got to take off the entire suit?

But I was able to convince him that Batman’s tool belt really is tied into a yellow bow on his back beneath his cape.

The moment we get home he also wants to put it on again. However, if Mom-E should come home, he immediately wants to take it off again (even though he says Mom-E is Bat Girl and therefore knows his true identity.)

I guess that makes me Alfred the butler.

For now, here’s a glimpse Big Brother Batman in full regalia.

And Little Brother in his "costume."

See you on Fatherhood Friday,


  1. I love it! Too cute. I love halloween because they get to dress up and its a fun family event. I love the picture of little brother in his "costume". I needed a good laugh to start my day. Thanks. Rosi

  2. Hi Alfred! Big Brother looks terrific in his costume. The smile says it all! Little Brother? Well, the photo made me smile. Halloween and costumes may not be his thing yet. I'm sure the candy will soothe him, or make him so hyper that he will put anything on to go out and get some more. I'm sure Halloween will be a great day in your house, and it's on a Saturday! You can enjoy it all day long!
    I dressed as a clown once, when I was 22. I had the full professional suit, wig and clown makeup. I was accompanying my younger sisters and 2-year-old cousin trick-or-treating. The young cousin was terrified and started crying when he saw me, even though I babysat him on a regular basis. Kissing your boyfriend in clown makeup isn't fun either. No more pretending to be a clown for me.

  3. It's like the Batmen from an Elseworlds issue...

  4. Hilarious!!! Love both costumes..

  5. I think you just wanted an excuse to talk mom-e into the catgirl costume, preggers or not and that's why you chose the batman theme.

  6. Both costumes are great...haha! Maybe little brother is like Aunt-E...I've never been in to Halloween like Mom-E or our other sister. I always HATED to have my face painted, and something about November 1st was such a relief to me! I love October b/c its fall, but have never been a huge fan of halloween. I'm sure I'll enjoy getting little cousin dressed up though! Love, Aunt-E