Thursday, December 17, 2009

I Call Myself Busy-Dad-E

Happy Fatherhood Friday everyone!

As we approach Christmas, I advise you to:
1. DO enjoy time with family.
2. DO check out the great bloggers over at
3. DON'T shove raisins up your nose!

But first:

You may wonder why I use the blogger name Busy-Dad-E (though in almost a year, no one's been so bold to ask.)

If you've read enough of the blog, the "Busy" part is pretty obvious--life with (soon to be) 3 boys is a 3-ring circus of joyful chaos and drama (and the occasional head CT).

In fact, any parent, mom or dad, deserves the title of "Busy" in front of their name.

Big Brother deserves the credit for the Dad-E part. When he was about as old as Little Brother is now, when he called me "Daddy" to get my attention or request help with something, it never came out as a one syllable word.

Instead, it always came out as 2 very distinct syllables with a brief pause between them: DAD...EEE!

Kimono. Robe. There you go. (Sorry if you were expecting something more exciting, but I always thought it was pretty cute.)

And so, we resume the never-ending drama that is our lives.

Yesterday, Mom-E came home from taking Big Brother to school and running errands to find a realtor's business card on the counter.

Before you start clapping for joy about our FIRST SHOWING in 2.5 months, let me just say that, "THEY DIDN'T HAVE AN APPOINTMENT."

That's right, no appointment (our house is shown by appointment only, as are most these days), but they came in anyway.

"Holy breaking and entering Batman."

Ladies and Gentlemen, let me show you what's behind Door #3.

After coming in to our house without an appointment, you'll be greeted by a small but pesky Pupp-E who will bark and jump, breakfast dishes in the sink, blinds closed, and toys out & about.

Hmm, maybe there's a reason why our house is shown by appointment only these days. Could it have been that it was the middle of the morning with a woman who is pretty much full-term in her pregnancy had been running throughout the house chasing 2 kids under age 5, and a dog?

Of course, the realtor will be reprimanded for her actions.

Mom-E and I figured that the dog+clutter would be lethal. I wish I could say that in the end they made an offer, but as with our previous repeat visitor they (somehow) loved the house but didn't like the lot. :(

Of course, in the midst of all this, I found out that my boss, who is abroad, hadn't completed an important "technical" recommendation letter for me that's due at the end of the day today. And yours truly was "blessed" with the opportunity to write this letter (with Boss-E's approval.)

And of course, Murphy's law would dictate that if we didn't clean the house last night, yesterday's guests or someone new would want to see it today.

So after the boys went down last night, we cleaned until almost 1am.

I set out at work this morning to write the letter, and got a little done despite about 3 distractions. I was just getting ready to really hammer the letter out when...

Mom-E called from the OB's office (no NOT in labor).

Little Brother had in all likelihood managed to shove a raisin up his nose. He was irritable but doing okay.

As 2 year olds are pretty unreliable informants, he oscillated between saying "yes" and "no" to a plethora of questions about what did and didn't go in his nose. And unfortunately, he really hasn't figured out how to blow his nose.

So I rushed over to the OB's office. Amazingly, Mom-E's OB had a scope to look at his nose (like the ones pediatricians use to look at ears)--for what I'm not sure.

Two people held Little Brother down in man-made 4 point restraints, and the doctor looked into his nose with the scope.

Apparently you couldn't see whether or not there was a sun-dried grape up there or just boogers.

Fortunately, Little Brother screamed so violently that he finally snorted, and A RAISIN CAME FLYING OUT. (Okay, it didn't fly, it just came out on his cheek. But all of his snot had plumped it up.)

With Mom-E's visit done and a a trip to the pediatrician's/ER avoided, I saw them off and headed back to work.

In 90 minutes I binged out the letter, got it sent to the right person, and still had time to write this blog entry prior to the next appointment on my calendar.
All we need now is for me to fly off into the sunset with Mom-E and the boys and we've got a regular Hollywood feature.

Shame on me for EVER thinking that I might run out of blog material.

Have a good weekend,
And now you know why they call me Busy-Dad-E


  1. I am so glad the Great Raisin Debacle of 2009 ended relatively easily today! We didn't really need more drama this week. :)

  2. You poor thing.
    I have has an awful week, but now feel much better about things because A. It's over and B. I just read about yours.
    Thanks dude, I owe you one.

  3. Nope Dad-E..I was going to say that you won't run out of blog material for about 20 more years, but then you can start blogging about your adult children and grandchildren...feel better? Your adult children might not appreciate it though. So glad Little Brother managed to cry, sscream, or snort the raisin out...hehe

  4. Sorry about the showing, that would irritate the heck out of me! My lovely daughter did the raisin in the nose trick not once, but twice! What on earth are they thinking??

  5. Goodness...if its not one thing its another! But that is life; it always manages to keep us going. Glad that the raisin came out and he is back to his normal self. Rosi