Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wheel of Jammies

Welcome to the continuation of "Jammy Week" here at Busy-Dad-E.

We started a week ago detailing my boys' genetic infatuation with jammies.

Next, on Fatherhood Friday, we reviewed Big Brother's school play, and wished that we were home in jammies instead (okay, but only throughout the entire play for a fleeting moment.)

This week, we celebrated Little Brother's transition to a big boy bed, which, of course, requires you to wear jammies.

As an aside, this is going REALLY well. 3 nights in a row of successful sleep in toddler bed, and the last 2 we've gotten the boys to fall asleep in under an 30 minutes (take THAT Dominoes!)

And now today we attempt to "tickle the dragon's tail", by describing Little Brother's new favorite game:


Little Brother's obsession with jammies is on steroids has reached new heights.

I've never seen a child so fickle about which jammies he wears...

Well, maybe I have...

No, I haven't...

But there was that one time...

Anyway, speaking of genetic influences, I wouldn't know anyone who used to wear like 3 different outfits a day *cough, cough*.

The objective of "Wheel of Jammies" is straightforward: wear as many different pairs of jammies as you can in one night without requiring that any of the pairs be laundered.

Tonight we literally went through 5 pairs of jammies before finally settling on Elmo, despite Mom-E and Dad-E's attempts at "damage control".

The moment he got home, Little Brother ran into his room, stripped down to his diaper, and raided his drawer. He started with a nice pair of flannel Lightning McQueen jammies.

That pair lasted until we sat down to eat dinner, when suddenly we wanted Thomas jammies. (We let him throw his tantrum and sit on the floor through dinner wearing only his diaper--the best way to make the tantrums go away is to ignore them.)

Bath time followed with a ploy to change to cotton Lightning McQueen jammies.

Somewhere in the midst of playing with blocks, Little Brother reappeared wearing fire truck jammies.

And finally we settled on Elmo jammies for the night.

But not before laying complete waste to the nursery dragging out pretty much EVERY pair of jammies in his drawer.

(It only looks like we have sextuplets.)

Well, its time for the bonus round on Wheel of Jammies: sleep.

See you on Fatherhood Friday!

P.S. The "Wheel" reminds me of


  1. Very cute! :) Sometimes I have a hard time deciding too....but b/c i do the laundry, once the jammies are on....the stay on! love aunt-e

  2. I guess those are the type of things where I will have to pick my battles. I will remind myself that there are worse things than Wheel of Jammies.

  3. That is adorable (speaking as a person who doesn't have to wash and fold all the jammies!)

  4. okay, you touched a key spot with me. not b/c our kids have issues when it comes to pajama-related decisions, but b/c my wife and i wear pajamas ALL WEEKEND LONG. except their not pajama-pajamas--more like fleecey-type stuff we sometimes wear to bed. we call them our uniform. we wear them all weekend b/c we have two year old triplets (hence your sextuplet joke made me faint) and we do nothing each and every weekend except tend to them. on outings? that's right. pajamas.
    also, as to tantrums, through the years we tried everything w/ our 8yo and ignoring them does indeed work extremely well. but you know what worked best for us? interupting a tantrum-in-process with a fake tantrum of our own during which we would flail around on the floor and scream at the top of our lungs. stopped the tantrum each and every time. (did inadvertantly turn into a habit, though, which didn't go over well at work one day when i was all pissed off...)