Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Big Brother Explains Lego Mania

At the age of (almost) 5, Big Brother has declared himself as the technophile of the family.

As I've said before, he can pursue whatever career elicits his passion (so long as it's legal).

However, it's still fun to wager a guess, and at this point he appears destined to become some kind of architect/structural engineer.

Lately, Big Brother has been captivated with Legos. He likes the "regular" Legos, but he also still has a penchant for Lego Duplo blocks (probably because he can build bigger things more quickly).

For a while now, Big Brother carries a bag with 6 yellow Legos most everywhere he goes. He started making all kinds of designs, and can change from one to another quickly.

What's been cool is that he'll ask, "Dad-E, what do you want me to make?" and just like a balloon animal artist, 10 seconds later he's got it.

Only very recently has he added a few more Legos to his bag (I guess he got frustrated when I asked him to make the Sphinx with only 6 yellow Legos).

And so, in pictures, Big Brother asked me to show you some of his favorite Lego creations.
These are his own designs. While Dad-E enjoys playing Legos, too, I didn't make any of these.

Presenting Big Brother's Lego-Mania! Enjoy!

See you on Fatherhood Friday,

Legos from busy dad-e on Vimeo.


  1. Wow Big-bother...I am impressed! Good job and thanks for sharing. Rosi

  2. Great job Big Brother! I can definitely see you being a structural engineer one day.

  3. Very cool big brother! Very impressive...i'm pretty sure i wouldn't have been able to make most of those! love aunt-e

  4. Very smart and creative! I'm impressed Big Brother!

    CY Aunt-E

  5. Wow! is right. I am also totally impressed with Big Brother's skill. You are so right, you may have architect or structural engineer in the making. And he's not yet 5? Ok, let me add another Wow!

  6. That kids is doing alright. Wave him build a Weasel!

  7. Very impressive. He can do a lot with just a few legos.

  8. @Rosi: Thanks.

    @Gramm-E: Or an actor.

    @Aunt-E: I'm sure your hubby could help.

    @CY Aunt-E: He'll appreciate that coming from the creative one.

    @Surprised Mom: Wow!

    @WM: We'll take a pic when he does

    @Otter: Coming from an engineer, that's a compliment.

  9. Last one could be Frankenstein? Godzilla? That thing from Cloverfield?