Friday, January 22, 2010

The Red-Faced Boobie Juicer 2010

Happy Fatherhood Friday everyone! Be sure to check out all of the great bloggers over at And be sure to pray that the people coming to our house today make an offer.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: The following is what happens when Busy-Dad-E is chronically sleep-deprived for a period of several weeks.

Bab-E Brother Products, a subsidiary of Busy-Dad-E, Inc., is pleased to announce it's first and only newest product:


Are you a breast-feeding woman suffering from chronic, recurrent engorgement of les ta-ta's?

Do you wake up at all hours in need of immediate relief from the pain of swollen hoo-hoolies?

Are you tired of using and sterilizing those inconvenient pumps all day long?

Then you need a Red-Faced Boobie Juicer 2010.

Similar to Frodo's glowing sword when Orks approach...

...the face of the Red-Faced Boobie Juicer 2010 turns BEET RED every time your mammaries are maxed out, letting you know that it's time to juice.

You don't even have to worry about waking up to use it. The Red-Faced Boobie Juicer 2010 wakes YOU up. You'll never buy another alarm again.

Even better, it doesn't need batteries, and it recharges on it's own each time you juice.

And if that's not enough, the Red Face Boobie Juicer 2010 doubles as a heating pad, and makes cute, soothing suckling noises that have been shown in a clinical trial to lower blood pressure and cure insomnia.

The Red-Faced Boobie Juicer 2010 is also environmentally friendly. It doesn't come with any packaging or formula containers that end up in a landfill, and you can grow one yourself at home.

(Please ignore vicious rumors that are circulating about the need to change the filter every 2 hours, the lack of a mute button, and the juicer turning beet red for 30 minutes every Half-Hour all night long.)

Ask for it by name, the Red-Faced Boobie Juicer 2010, the juicer that really sucks.

Operators are standing by to take YOUR order.

Have a good weekend,
CEO, Bab-E Brother Brand Products


  1. LOL! Poor Mom-E! I have been there.....and was ready to give up, but you know the rule after a few weeks everything always falls into place. Take care. Rosi

  2. Does the Juicer 2010 come with unlimited resupply of filters? What about maintence? I also hear rumours of the Juicer 2010 not coming with an instruction manual... :-)

  3. Um, OUCH! LOL

    Best Wishes on getting offers!


  4. I've found that the juicers (I have a 2009 model) are the best out there! Unfortunately, mine was too noisy and squirmy to take to work with me, so I had to use a regular pump during those hours. I must say, I always prefered my Red-Faced Boobie Juicer 2009. I enjoyed not having to sterlize anything on days when I didn't work and during my maternity leave. Love, aunt-e

  5. I'm no longer in the market for one of these juicers. I've already owned three.

  6. @Rosi: Mom-E's a champ

    @Oshea: The Juicer is so easy to use you don't need instructions.

    @Belladaddy: No offer yet. :(

    @Aunt-E: I'm glad you enjoyed your 2009 Juicer.

    @Mocha Dad: Thanks for the repeat business.