Friday, January 8, 2010

A Bab-E Story

Happy Fatherhood Friday, everyone! I still have that "new dad smell."

Dear Bab-E Brother,

Your whole Bus-E Famil-E is so excited that you decided to join us "on the outside." Everyone, yourself included, is adjusting well. Of course, we've loved you from the moment we first learned we were expecting your arrival.

Your Mom-E is particularly glad that you decided to join us 6 days early. We're not sure which was longer: the last weeks of pregnancy or Big Brother's soccer season. We'll interpret the fact that you came early as evidence of intelligence (or an attempt to kiss-up to Mom-E.)

I wanted to write you this letter to tell you the story of your birth and the first days of your life (and maybe offer a few predictions).

While there are certainly indelible personality traits that are shared between our Famil-E members, your unique personality is also shining through (in a very good way).

Mom-E had an induction of labor with both of your older brothers. You, as an apparent "free-spirit", came on your own terms at your own time, despite having been served with an official Eviction Notice.

It was about midnight. Dad-E and Mom-E were enjoying some "quiet time", watching a little tv while Mom-E cut out fabric for curtains for the new house (we wanted to buy a new house when we found out you were coming to have more room for 3 wild growing boys.)

Suddnely, Mom-E told me she'd been having some contractions that were a little more painful that others for about 2 hours every 20-30 minutes. We started timing them (with a rather cool iTouch application). When the contractions continued in the 10 minutes apart range, we decided it would be prudent to go to the hospital.

We put Gramm-E and Grampap on alert to come in the morning. We called Kid-neE, who had graciously agreed to watch your Brothers in the event Mom-E went into labor at night, despite his having to work the next morning.

We left for the hospital about 1am. We were most of the way to the hospital, Mom-E said "I haven't had another contraction since we left the house. Maybe we can go back."

Her words were followed by the most uncomfortable contraction to-date, so I kept on driving.

When we got to the hospital, they took us straight back to the delivery room, given that Mom-E was at least 4 cm, as of her last appointment. That was a good thing, because after we got settled in, it turned out that Mom-E was already 7-8 cm. She was able to get her epidural pretty much "in the nick of time."

You were born just after 4 am (no doubt you'll be a night-owl). You showed off your prominent lungs right away, and then "chilled" and just took everything in. (No doubt you're a confident guy, knowing when to "speak up", and when to sit back and enjoy the view.)

You were visited in the first day of life by Gramm-E, Grampap, your brothers, and both of your aunts and uncles, who surrounded you with love. Family is very important.

Upon entering the post-partum room, Big Brother asked "Mom-E, do you feel better? Are you not tired anymore?" (He'd heard a few times in the past few weeks that having a Bab-E in her belly made Mom-E tired.)

Your brothers were drawn to you with instinctual magnetism (either that or they were very thankful for the Transformers you "bought" them, but I think you guys were just plotting future mischief together).

Little Brother has hardly stopped kissing you (Coneheads style, he presses his forehead against you) and saying "I love Bab-E.") We bought him a baby boy doll (we though it'd help with jealousy issues if he could change his baby's diapers while we were changing you), but he just carries it around in the Spider-Man gift bag that it came in.

Big Brother has been very sweet and affectionate towards you as well. He made it known to everyone that you "only drink milk because you're little."

You're a very cuddly guy. Your first night home from the hospital was awful you would only sleep if we held or rocked you. Fortunately, by night #2 you'd figured out how to sleep between feedings.

In the style of Monica Geller from Friends, you're "freakishly strong" despite your size. We've been impressed with your ability to lift your head a little bit (no doubt to beginning learning mischevious tricks from your brothers).

Both Mom-E and I (though moreso Mom-E) keep calling you Little Brother instead of Bab-E. More commentary on this phenomenon to follow on Monday.

Your Mom-E and I just wanted you to know that we are and will always be proud of you.

We will support you in every (legal and moral) endeavor, and will do all in our power to help you achieve your dreams (so long as they're legal and moral). We want nothing short of the best for you.

No doubt you'll make some lucky girl very happy one day, and you'll be a good Dad-E, too.

You can accomplish anything you put your mind to.

The roller coaster of life will undoubtedly have its ups and downs, but if you always do your best, are honest, and have faith, things will settle out as they should. We will always be there to support you.

We love you, little buddy,

P.S. Have a good weekend, everyone!


  1. many blessings to him and your whole family.

  2. How considerate that he decided to make his grand entrance short and sweet. Congrats to the whole family!

  3. @Eric: Thanks.

    @WM: Yes, Mom-E was particularly appreciative.

  4. It was fun that Bab-E entered the world without the help of a pitocin least not at the beginning. Big Brother and Little Brother are so loving and protective of Bab-E. They are going to be quite the trio! And yes, Bab-E is strong!! He was lifting his head the day after he was born. Go Bab-E!!

  5. I'm so glad that Mom-E got to experience the thrill of going into labor unexpectedly! What fun! Bab-E is certainly a "freakishly strong" addition to the family!!!!

  6. @Gramm-E: Yes, they are going to be quite the trio

    @Aunt-E: Glad you enjoyed the Friends reference.

  7. Welcome to the world Bab-E. Your CY Aunt-E and Uncl-E can't wait to see you at big brother's 5th birthday party!

  8. @CY Aunt-E: It'll be a jumpin' good time.