Sunday, August 1, 2010

Brotherly Love

So I may have mentioned before that I'm an only child.

(Of course, I consider Aunt-E and CY-Aunt-E sisters, but there's a distinction between that and having spent your childhood in the same house with someone.)

One thing I've observed about Mom-E, Aunt-E, and CY-Aunt, is that, emotionally, their relationships are very intense.

That is, I've seen them get so mad--no wait, mom said only dogs get mad, people get angry at each other, that if looks could kill, they'd all be dead.

But I also know that they'd kill use the killing look against anyone who (even tried to) harm one of their sisters.

I can very much see my boys being the same way.

Fortunately, right now we're just seeing those brotherly bonds continue to form.

And it makes my heart smile to see how Bab-E Brother is being initiated in their "circle".

I give Big Brother a tremendous amount of credit here as being an amazingly kind and gentle soul.

Down the road, being 5 years apart will be nothing. When Big Brother is 25 and Bab-E Brother is 20 I will be REALLY old, they'll be each others' wingmen.

But when you're 5 1/2 and 6 months, a bab-e brother could be, well, pretty much a nusiance that steals away Mom-E and Dad-E's attention.

However, Big Brother doesn't see or treat Bab-E Brother that way at all.

In fact, their favorite recent pastime has been for Big Brother to make giant towers of blocks just so Bab-E Brother can play the role of Godzilla and knock them down.

It's very sweet (and fun to watch), and smiles abound.

Not to be outdone, Little Brother can make Bab-E Brother laugh at times when everyone else gets screams and crocodile tears.

The other day, we're at the store. We're encroaching on bedtime. Everyone is unbelievably freakin' hyper getting tired and fussy. We're waiting in the checkout line.

All of a sudden, Little Brother pulls Bab-E Brother's binkie out of his mouth (it's attached to his shirt via a little strap, so it doesn't fall on the floor), and in a silly voice says "BOOP!"

Suddenly, "BOOP" is the greatest game ever invented. And each round elicits from Bab-E Brother those deep gutteral belly laughs that, as a parent, you want to videotape and bottle-up because they make you smile no matter your circumstances.

Let me tell you, only a big brother like Little Brother could get away with de-binking Bab-E Brother and make him laugh about it.

But such is there brotherly love.

Lord help Mom-E and I.

Have a good week,


  1. Brotherly love is something to behold, isn't it. And who knew BOOP could be so funny? Kids will cause you to go prematurely gray, but they will also warm your heart and soul like no one else can. Those siblings with a tight bond will be friends for life and that is something every parent wishes for their children. I know I'm thrilled when I see my girls bonding, laughing and joking and working together. Sometimes it just brings tears to my eyes. I hope they are best friends for life. There is nothing like a sister, or a brother.

  2. I enjoyed reading this so much. Grampap and I are proud of all of our little guys. So sweet to read about how they have bonded and look out for each other...even if they do argue from time to time. You described the relationship between siblings very well. They can get very angry with each other, but Lord help the outsider who says something derogatory about one of them :)

  3. I'm an only child, as well, and I just love to see the interaction between our girls. I love knowing they'll always have each other.

    This is such a sweet story!

  4. Great post! I can't wait to see the interaction between my children! love, aunt-e