Thursday, August 12, 2010

Kindergarten Woos and Woes

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Dear Big Brother,

You started kindergarten this week! You've reached yet another milestone. This has been a week full of pride, excitement, and trepidation for Mom-E and I.

On the one hand, it's been wonderful to witness the growth of your talents and abilities. And this will most certainly be a year of tremendous growth for you physically, mentally, and socially.

On the other hand, it's bittersweet to know that, more and more, Mom-E and I will share time with friends and other activities. But I'm sure that we'll continue to enjoy our "dates" together.

And Mom-E and I aren't the only ones affected by the start of the school year. Little Brother is also adjusting to more time without the Big Brother that he so frequently emulates and looks up to. It is my hope that this will be good for his independence, as well as his bonding with Bab-E Brother.

You were SO excited about the start of the school year (even if I did have to practially drag you into your class during Open House.)

But overall, the week has been pretty good, with both some Woo (hoo's) and Woes

1. Monday (Woo)
When asked about how your first day of kindergarten went, your reply was "So so so so SO so GOOD!"

2. Tuesday (Woe)
Despite many efforts to explain the plan, you thought Mom-E was picking you up immediately after school (instead of going to the After School). And the school did not use the current/updated (aka correct) contact info, and so were not able to get ahold of us. You cried for about an hour, before one of the teachers bought you some cookies.

(On the bright side, when Mom-E came to pick you up, you were playing Super-Why on the computer and didn't want to leave. We were just very sorry that we didn't have enough ESP to know that the form we filled out saying "After School on Tuesdays and Thursday; Car MWF" wasn't clear enough.)

3. Wednesday (Woe)
Big Brother: "I don't like kindergarten. It makes me throw up."

Busy-Dad-E: "Why?"

Big Brother; "My class is hot. I'm ALLERGIC to hot. Hot makes me throw up."

Busy-Dad-E: "Oh, I'm sorry. DId you actually throw up?"

Big Brother: "No."

Busy-Dad-E: "What else are you allergic to?"

Big Brother: "Kangaroos."

Busy-Dad-E: "Oh."

4. Thursday (Woo)
When I dropped you off at the Before School program, as I was leaving, I saw you skip about 3 times as you were headed off to play, but not before waiving.

I can't believe that you're old enough to get out of the car, and then walk in to the school building by yourself.

But I'll always be there to hold your hand.

I love you, buddy.

Have a great school year!



  1. I am allergic to Kangaroos too. A trip to Austrailia is out of the question.

  2. Oh man, my little one starts pre-school. I don't know what I am gonna do when she really heads out there in the world.

  3. This is a great "journal" for Big Brother's first week of kindergarten. I know he will enjoy looking back and reading these words one day. I hope he outgrows his kangaroo allergy soon. Do they have kangaroos at the zoo?? If so, I guess he will have to avoid that exhibit..haha.

  4. I have often been allergic to school...maybe Big Brother has just gotten the school allergy gene! Hopefully he will grow out of it!

  5. Have a great year at school Big-Brother! Its amazing to see how big you are getting and how proud you make those around you. Rosi