Sunday, August 15, 2010

Friday the 13th

Here at Busy-Dad-E, we had a memorable Friday the 13th.

Nothing disasterous, but memorable nonethe less.

The day started off well. Was up before 6am, and had a good workout at the gym. I got in my car, started driving to work, and things pretty much went downhill from there.

I realized that I'd forgot the lunch I packed in the fridge. Would've gone back home, but had to keep going lest I end up late for an appointment at the start of the day.

When I'm about 5 minutes away from parking at work, I get a call from Mom-E. We I forgot to put Big Brother's car seat back in the minivan.

There's no way I can get the carseat home before school starts. And there's no way Mom-E can drive the minivan without it.

So their only option is to walk. Fortunately, will only live about 1 mile from Big Brother's school.

At first, Big Brother pitches a royal fit about having to walk, but not long into the sojourn, he gets kinda excited about the idea.

Still, I can picture Mom-E pushing Little Brother and Bab-E Brother in the stroller, stocked full with Big Brother's backpack and lunch, with Big Brother waltzing along by her side.

No doubt she's cursing me under her breath every step of the way there (and back). And Mom-E doesn't swear.

Meanwhile, when I'm about 1 minute away from parking at work, I get a call that the (important) appointment can't happen because of a (rather foolish) "mistake".

When I get to work, I brew my tea (I'm a tea junkie, can't stand coffee--sorry), which I proceed to spill down the front of my shirt.

(At this point, I give serious consideration to coming down with a "gastrointestinal illness", calling it quits for the day, and going home and sleeping for the next 16 hours--OUTSIDE, IN THE DOG HOUSE, OF COURSE, FOR FORGETTING BIG BROTHER'S CAR SEAT.)

But instead I trudge on, hoping that I've passed the "dark cloud" of Friday the 13th on to someone else.

Unfortunately, apparently I passed it on to my family.

Later in the afternoon, I make a trip home to return Big Brother's carseat. While I'm en route, I get a call from Mom-E that we have a major ant invasion in the kitchen. Fortunately, we're able to get an emergency appointment for pest control service.

At this point, Mom-E tells me that one of our family members, who is 24 weeks pregnant with twins, was not feeling well and had to go see the doctor (fortunately all is okay.)

Mom-E also tells me that Gramm-E overslept for work. And to boot, when she got up quickly, she got the worst charlie horse ever in her life.

Here's hoping your Friday went more smoothly than ours. But if you didn't, please let me know, so we can commiserate.

Have a good week,


  1. Wow, sounds like a crappy Friday. I hope the rest of your weekend went well.

  2. Whew! I'm glad that day is behind you guys now! Here's to a better week ahead! love, aunt-e

  3. It was a wild and crazy Friday the 13th! I am just glad nothing awful happened....although the problems you guys encountered were pretty darn aggravating.

  4. Don't worry, Dad-E, we actually really enjoyed the walk to school. I was not mad at you at all! Now Big Brother is starting to request that we walk to school. Maybe once it cools down a bit....

  5. Well, that was an interesting Friday! I hope your weekend went well!