Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Green Pepper Boys

Happy non-Wordless Wednesday (since dad-blogs hasn't posted such a link in a few weeks now)!

So instead of a picture today, I've decided to paint for you a mental picture.

Despite a prety high level of picky eating on the part of Big Brother and Little Brother (Bab-E Brother is still in that honeymoon phase where table food is all new and pretty good), the boys have always been champs about eating their veggies. Seriously.

And if there's a gene for liking to eat raw green bell peppers, I probably passed it on to the boys.

My mom used to tell stories of taking me to the store with her, and I'd ride in the cart, snacking on a raw green pepper like it was an apple, while she shopped. Apparently, that garnered quite a few odd stares from strangers. Funny thing is that I have vauge memories of doing that.

But the boys like their green peppers, too, although sometimes they need a little encouragement, especially Little Brother.

Lately, I've resorted to turning eating vegetables into a game, which seems to work well for Little Brother. Although admittedly my strategy has made might make for some awkward scenarios while eating in public.

The game is simple: pretend the green peppers are something else, and suddenly they're much more exciting to eat.

So far, we've turned green peppers into:
-Fingers (and when he takes a bit, I yelp in pain with "Ow, you just bit my finger!"
-Wolverine's claws
-Lizzard tongues



Hey, we have 3 boys age 5 and under. We deal with boogers in bulk. You gotta make 'em funny or die.

My favorite is to cover my nose with my hands while palming the green pepper, make a fake a-choo, and open them up to reveal a long green pepper "booger" dangling from my nose.

(I warned you it could make for an awkward situation in public.)

But the boys giggle so much with excitement, you'd think I was giving them chocolate.

Eat your veggies not your boogers
See you on Fatherhood Friday,


  1. I didn't start eating peppers until I was an adult. Now I love them, but it always surprises me to see kids eating them.

  2. YOu know, Little Cousin is loving green peppers too! It took him a while to figure out that they were edible, but last night I came down stairs to find my husband and Little Cousin snacking on green peppers while they made dinner together. They are definitely a good snack! love, aunt-e