Sunday, August 29, 2010

Great Moments in Bonehead Parenting


Welcome to a new segment at Busy-Dad-E called:

Great Moments in Bonehead Parenting

Let's face it, sometimes the chronic fatigue of parenting catches up to us and we start to or actually pull a "what was I not thinking."

I had once such moment here recently.

The entire family had gone out for frozen yogurt after dinner. As we were leaving, I was carrying Bab-E Brother.

Because he wanted to be carried Little Brother spontaneously decided he was unable to walk, and after Mom-E picked him up, that Dad-E would be his official carrier.

No problem. Mom-E make this kind of swap all the time.


Seeing Mom-E's arms chock-full-o toddler, purse, and bottle of water, I refelxively started to set Bab-E Brother down on his feet.

The only problem being that at age 7 months, he's unable to stand.

Oops. Sorry pal. Apparently you're very mature for your age.

Now go ahead and exhale, because--fortunately--I never let go of his arms, which would've doomed him to a certain fall and trip to the ER.

That near-miss earned me some Bonehead Parent points.

Apparently, I needed a nap.

So while I'm resting, I'd love to hear how I'm not the only Bonehead around.

Have a good week,


  1. You're not a bonehead parent, you're a tired parent. There's a difference. And I'm too embarrassed to tell you about all the "bonehead" parenting I've done.

  2. Don't feel alone. A certain parent I know (Not me, but related to my children) actually sent our oldest child to the ER on not 1, but 2 different occasions.

  3. I almost did the same with my 8 month old yesterday. She can stand while holding herself up, but not in the entry hall where there is no couch.

  4. THat is so funny! Seriously, I can see how you'd do that with two children who can walk....I could see how you might forget that that the third can't! My husband and I have both had some bonehead parent moments! love, aunt-e

  5. Too many bonehead moments in my past to even remember them all.