Thursday, August 19, 2010


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So recently, Mom-E and I joined the local Family Y

It makes me feel old, but when I was growing up, I knew the Family Y as the YMCA.

And so when I talk about the Y, I still sometimes refer to it as the YMCA.

The funny part is that Little Brother can't say YMCA. He refers to it as the See-Eye-Aye (who knew the Y was also performed intelligence ops), which we can't help but find amusing.

When Mom-E goes to workout at the Y, Little Brother goes to one of the childcare rooms.

And when Mom-E picks him up, we can't help but laugh when he describes all of the things he did at the See-Eye-Aye.

"I played with toys at the See-Eye-Aye." (Maybe some cool new spy-gadgets?)

"They don't have snacks at the See-Eye-Aye." (Apparently he was on a stakeout?)

And my personal favorite:
"I went poo-poo at the See-Eye-Aye. They wiped my butt." (Intelligence redefined.)

To boot, the See-Eye-Aye informed Mom-E that Little Brother has a "very good vocabulary."

This is funny, because Mom-E takes him to the 3-5 year-old room because they have better toys even though he's not quite 3.

Would they be even more impressed with his vocabulary if we told them he's not even 3 yet (or just kick him out of the room)? But you'd think that the See-Eye-Aye would've already figured that out?

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  1. It's fun to stay at the See-Eye-Aye, They've got everything... They would maybe have to drop the cowboy to make it work - but it's worth a go

  2. nice. i, too, can't say "the y." i'm a YMCA guy, which, regrettably, conjures up disturbing images of that indian guy and the cop. oh, and the construction worker.

  3. That's cute! And quite the vocab he's got there!

  4. That is very cute! I'm glad that your family is having a good time at the see-eye-aye! Little cousin doesn't have a name for our gym yet, but he does have a girlfriend who comes over to hug him whenever I drop him off. It just cracks me up! Enjoy your membership! love, aunt-e

  5. I'm glad Little Brother enjoys his visits to the See-Eye-Aye!

  6. I laugh everytime I hear about this! Does Bab-E Brother enjoy the See-Eye-Aye too?

  7. Just wait til they get a bit older...elementary schools seem to all have "YMCA" in their peppy-song list. Any time we say "the Y" instead of "the gym" we are given a chorus from at least one child.