Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy Birthday to Someone

Happy Fatherhood Friday!

It's "Birthday Week" at Busy-Dad-E.

If you already tuned in, you know that we celebrated Bab-E Brother turning 1, and Busy-Dad-E Blog turning 2.

And so it's fitting that today I tell an (embarassing) birthday story.

I believe that we all have unique talents.

One of Mom-E's talents is that she's really good at remembering birthdays.

I can remember the birthdays of immediate family and a few really close friends.

Mom-E, on the other hand, remembers the birthday of pretty much everyone she's ever met pretty much all of her friends, her friends children, their pets. She's not a savant, but she's pretty darn good.

Mom-E gets this skill from her maternal grandfather, a farmer who has a similar ability to recall detailed information about dates.

So Mom-E's skill comes in quite handy, since she's an instant reminder for

"Hey, today is my best friend's sister's boyfriend's cousin's dog's birthday, so we should give them a call".

Last month, Mom-E mentioned in passing that "Tomorrow is 'Bill's
(name changed to protect the innocent) birthday. Let's be sure to call him."

So, on my way home from work, I called my friend "Bill", and left him a detailed message about "Happy Birthday. I hope you have a great weekend. I hope you and your wife are able to have a special date. We'll see you soon. And on and on."

Later that evening, Aunt-E calls to talk to Mom-E. Before they finish, Mom-E says, "Can I talk to 'Bill' to wish him happy birthday?"

Oops! I completely mixed up my friend "Bill" with our brother-in-law "Bill".
(Please don't take offense, "Bill". It was an honest mistake at a very tired time. And I had just talked to my friend "Bill" the day before, and so he was on my mind."

And so, I got to 1) wish the correct "Bill" a happy birthday (and act like nothing had happened), and 2) call my friend "Bill" again to say, "Please disregard my previous message. And no, I'm not losing my mind. Yet."

Well, at least a good laugh was had by Mom-E and my friend "Bill" all.

I have no choice but to blame Mom-E for this. If she didn't remember so many birthdays, I wouldn't get so confused. :)

Have a good weekend,
Apparently I need more sleep,


  1. Well, sleep deprivation is a funny thing. Apparently Mom-E and Bill thought so.

    I hope you had a great weekend.

    Happy Birthday to Bab-E Brother and your blog!

  2. Love the funny birthday story and congrats on the 2 yr birthday of your blog. Have enjoyed reading every post. Happy Birthday to Bab-E Brother as well!