Sunday, January 9, 2011

In betWEAN

Happy Monday!

A funny Bab-E Brother story for you today.

Now that Bab-E Brother is 1, it's time for him to transition over to "regular milk".

As part of that transition, he's started his orientation to the sippy cup.

Thus far, he's not a fan.

In contrast to Big Brother and Little Brother, who weaned pretty easily, this really isn't "high priority" for Bab-E Brother.

His disinterest is summarized by the following encounter:

While sitting in his high chair at lunch the other day, Mom-E presented Bab-E Brother with his sippy cup.

He managed one sip before throwing the cup on the floor and making the "milk sign", as if to say "C'mon give me the top shelf, not this cheap knock-off stuff."

Apparently, this weaning stuff isn't going to be so easy.

Have a good week.

Drink milk. (From a plastic container.)


  1. Just read some of your blogs, and this is great. I've been reading yours for some time, and decided the other night to start my own about our kids and what we've been through, and what they do now.
    You can follow me at:

  2. I can't believe Bab-E Brother is a year old already. He won't be a "Bab-E" too much longer