Thursday, January 20, 2011

Time Capsule Letters

Dear Big Brother,

Mom-E and I were excited to hear that for a Kindergarten school project, your class is making time capsules. In an empty paper towel roll, you’ll include an information page about yourself, a picture, a small toy, and this letter from us. We’ll keep it safe—NOTE TO SELF: put the time capsule in the lock box—and you get to open it when you graduate from high school.

We’re already so proud of the wonderful boy you’ve become. Of course, we love to write you a letter on your birthday, so for this letter, we thought we’d do something a little different. Dad-E always wanted to know when he was younger what predictions my parents had for my future. And so, we thought it would be fun to make such a set of predictions for you, as we’ve gotten to know (and love) you over the past (almost) 6 years. We’re going to try to be fairly specific, because that’ll be more fun than if we’re vague. And any wrong answers will give us some good laughs. And, of course, right or wrong with each prediction, we’re proud of you and your accomplishments.

Today, on your high school graduation, congratulations! Your Mom-E and I are very proud of you (as always) and the young man you’ve become! You have a bright and exciting future. And so, without further ado, our 18 predictions for you at age 18, made at age (almost) 6.

1. You’re 5’7’’, and enjoy being just a bit taller than Dad-E.
2. You wear eyeglasses.
3. You’ve graduated with distinction from high school.
4. You’re off to college, with a major in either engineering (mechanical or computer science) or architecture.
5. You’re proficient in a musical instrument, which will NOT be violin, clarinet, flute, or bassoon. You play piano as well. Music will be a life-long hobby for you to enjoy.
6. You’ve been very active in Boy Scouts, potentially going so far as to earn your Eagle Scout.
7. You’ll have dabbled in sports throughout your youth, primarily baseball and track/cross-country. I’d guess you won’t be a varsity athlete in high school, unless you inherited Mom-E’s running genes, in which case you could be a tremendous distance runner.
8. You are well respected by peers and adults alike. You have a small group of very close friends.
9. You enjoy drawing cartoons (especially action heroes) as a hobby.
10. You will have tried each of the following foods at least once: pizza, hamburger, chicken, a sandwich, and cereal with milk.
11. You excel in math and science in school, but are also a talented artist (particularly drawing).
12. You’ll be active in the church youth group.
13. You and your brothers will be best friends.
14. You’re a movie buff.
15. You’ll be able to perform basic maintenance on your own car.
16. You’ll have traveled to Europe without Mom-E and I at least once.
17. You’ll have a working knowledge of the basic ballroom dances.
18. You’ll have made us proud, every day.

We love you always,

Mom-E and Dad-E


  1. I can't even imagine our little ones turning 18! Each year it fascinates me how fast time goes by. It definitely did not go this fast when I was much younger. Thank you for sharing such a personal letter. Rosi

  2. I definitely don't want to wish the time away, but it will be interesting to see how many of these predictions come true. I know he will always make you proud...whatever else he does.