Sunday, January 30, 2011

Party Crasher

No, don’t worry. The legos (both) are still safe. (For another 5 minutes, until Big Brother requests we break down the existing creation, in favor of building something new.)

We had a great time celebrating Big Brother’s 6th birthday recently.

One of the funnier moments at the party involved Bab-E Brother, who appears to have Cake-dar.

As soon as he saw the cake, Bab-E Brother was all full of grunts, squirms, and head butts, locking on to the cake like Maverick to a Mig-28.

And when he finally got a small handful of cake, he was instantly calm.

Except for the mess on self and floor, as evidenced below. The boy eats cake they way Cookie Monster devours cookies.

(Actually, he probably has Baked Goods-dar, because exposure to corn muffins or blueberry muffins elicits the same response.)

So, congratulations to Big Brother on yet another birthday milestone.

And congrats to Bab-E Brother, who got to have his cake and eat it, too.

Have a good week (hope it’s “cake”),


  1. LOL! That cake did look yummy. Did mom-e make it? Have a great week too. Rosi

  2. That red velvet cake was delicious! Yes Mom-E did make it. I loved it too, but I didn't make as much of a mess as Bab-E Brother did.