Friday, January 14, 2011

Running Circles Around Us

Subtitled: Modesty is a process.

Happy Fatherhood Friday!

I wanted to have this post up a little earlier, but instead of blogging last night, I fell asleep on the floor of Little Brother's room for about 5 hours.

I've mentioned before that Little Brother has a bit of a penchant for taking off his pants...pretty much everywhere (at home at the dinner table, a friend's house, the playground, etc.)

I write about this not to embarass him when he gets older, but because sometimes when you're really, really tired it's just hard not to laugh. Plus, he's 3, and let's face it, little kids enjoy running around naked. Usually at the most inopportune time.

Last night after dinner, we were cleaning up, when suddenly a streaking 3 year-old comes running through the family room and into the kitchen.

"Little Brother, what are you doing?" blurted Mom-E.

"I'm putting on my jammies (obviously)," he casually replied.

Oh yes indeed, thrown on the floor 10 feet in front of him were his Spider-Man pj's.

Not sure who taught him the "Streak through the house first" method. Well, give the boy some "style points" for how to put on your jammies, although all judges did take the full deduction for "modesty".

When these kinds of things happen, I can't help but laugh at how he can "get away" with this kind of shenanigans.

And, of couse, we had a "double-header" of streaking later in the evening. The boys were getting ready for their bath, when suddenly Little Brother comes running through the hall, again in the buff, both arms raised proudly over his head, exclaiming "I'm Super-Naked!"

Mom-E and I couldn't help but laugh oud loud at that point. Which, of course, inspired Big Brother to join his fellow super hero.

I'm not sure what qualifies one as being "Super-Naked", but there was that tone of invincibility in his voice.

I also wish that Super-Naked's super power would be the ability to put clothes on without anyone seeing him naked, and to stay off of Mom-E and Dad-E's bed while in character.

But at least the boy doesn't lack for self-confidence and positive self-image.

Of course, the parenting challenge, is how to continue to promote that while improving the "modesty scores" for our little Super Hero.

No wonder Mom-E and I are tired, and no wonder I fell asleep on his floor, with these small men running (naked) circles around us.

Here's hoping that you and yours have a Super (Non-Naked) Weekend!

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  1. LOL! Sometimes kids just wanna be nakey. Keep your heads up though, they do outgrow it.