Thursday, June 30, 2011

Christmas in June

Happy Fatherhood Friday everyone!

Be sure to check out all of the great dad (and mom) bloggers over at - it'll be like and early Christmas present.

Speaking of which, it may be summer, but Big Brother and Little Brother are already getting in the Christmas spirit.

Although I've written about it before, I don't understand why they call it "Christmas in July". It really should be "Christmas in June", because June is 6 months away from December.

But I digress.

I blame Cars 2 for the fact that the boys are already starting a Christmas list, since they're planning to rename Target, "Cars 2".

(Mater is really funny, but I left the theater feeling like the movie could've earned a PG rating for violence, and that the whole point of the film was MERCHANDISING - let's introduce a buncha new characters that the kids will insist they need.)

"Dad-E, can I have the $50 Fizzle McMizzle with all the shoot things."

"Uh, no."

Little Brother has provided some photographic entertainment to inspire that (early) holiday spirit.

The other day, he fell asleep on the couch in FLANNEL CHRISTMAS JAMMIES.

I'm surprised (and thankful) he didn't melt.

But don't be alarmed, he followed this up the next day by falling asleep on the floor wearing swimming trucks (he insisted he was too hot in his clothes.

Man does it take some mad skillz to fall asleep with your head wrapped around a chair leg.

Have a good weekend,
Merry (Half-way to) Christmas,


  1. You have got their number. It is SO about merchandising. But also about entertainment...Glad everyone enjoyed the movie!

  2. The only reason I want to think about Christmas is because it is cold outside and we're going through a "Oh My God it's so hot and humid outside you can't breathe," spell. Otherwise, I'm grateful my girls are older and don't watch movies that use film as an one big merchandising ploy. But, then again, the bigger children get, the bigger and more expensive their toys get. How did Little Brother manage to fall asleep with his head wrapped around a chair leg? Wow!